A small Orchard API reference: Orchard Cheatsheet

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The Orchard Cheatsheet is a nice little API reference for some lesser known objects, made by Orchard's lead developer, Sebastien Ros. The cheatsheet's list only contains elements of the API that are accessible from (sometimes very specific) shape templates (well, ExtensionDescriptor seems to be an exception), but e.g. WorkContext is something you definitely encounter elsewhere too.

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  • amy said Reply

    Hi, I am interested in the cheat sheet and the whole UI development/modules development is very confusing.

    Layers, shapes parts, the relationship is not clear.

    Can you share this with me


  • Zoltán Lehóczky said Reply

    I don't know of such a cheat sheet existing, sorry. But the Training Demo module could help you: http://orcharddojo.net/orchard-resources/training-demo-module

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