Add Description to Content Types, Amazon S3 media options update - This week in Orchard (06/07/2022)

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Adding Description to Content Types, Amazon Media Storage feature updates, and making media library upload size limit error message more detailed. Check out our current post to read about the details!

Orchard Core updates

Add Description to Content Types

If you navigate to the admin UI of Orchard Core and head to Content -> Content Definition -> Content Parts and create or edit a Content Part, you have the option to optionally provide a description for the part. And Orchard Core displays this description on the page that lists Content Parts. And from now you can add descriptions to Content Types too!

Adding description to Content Types

Amazon S3 media options update

Neglectedvalue changed the custom AwsStorageOptions to AWSOptions provided by the AWS team. AWSOptions are more flexible and provide more ways to interact with AWS infrastructure:

  1. A huge piece of code(registration of the IAmazonS3 client) was removed and changed to a single call services.AddAWSService<IAmazonS3>(options);
  2. ClientFactory now allows using the common AWS credentials mechanism.
  3. Documentation was also updated.

Updated Amazon S3 documentation

This change will also introduce many breaking changes: the OrchardCore_Media_AmazonS3 config section was changed: RegionEndpoint was renamed to Region and extracted from the Credentials section to the root section of OrchardCore_Media_AmazonS3, AccessKeyId was renamed to AccessKey, ProfileName was renamed to Profile. You will find these breaking changes in the documentation of the next Orchard Core release.

Making media library upload size limit error messages more detailed

It's not a bug, but rather an enhancement. When uploading to the media library a file larger than MaxFileSize, the error message isn't user-friendly, it just says 'Error: error'. You can quickly reproduce this by turning on the Media feature and uploading a file larger than MaxFileSize.

Making media library upload size limit error message more detailed

From now on, the error message is more detailed, as you can see on the screen above. Thanks to Zoltán Máté from Lombiq for his first contribution!

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