Add GraphQL support to User Picker Field, add Azure and AWS-specific Image Caches of ImageSharp - This week in Orchard (31/05/2024)

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Add Azure and AWS-specific Image Caches of ImageSharp, and adding GraphQL support to the User Picker Field are the topics for this week. And don't forget to join our next Orchard Core Pair Programming session where we'll look into the basics first, how you'd start with decoupled Orchard Core! Let's see the details!

Orchard Core updates

Add Azure and AWS-specific Image Caches of ImageSharp

When caching images resized with ImageSharp, we use PhysicalFileSystemCache. This can cause an IO bottleneck like it happens on Azure App Services.

The Microsoft Azure Media and Amazon S3 Media modules have new features for replacing the default PhysicalFileSystemCache of ImageSharp that stores resized images in the local App_Data folder. Instead, you can now use Azure Blob Storage with the Azure Media ImageSharp Image Cache feature (that utilizes AzureBlobStorageImageCache), and AWS S3 with the Amazon Media ImageSharp Image Cache feature (that utilizes AWSS3StorageCache). Depending on your use case, this can provide various advantages. Check out the Azure Media and the Amazon S3 Media docs for details.

Amazon Media ImageSharp Image Cache documentation

Add GraphQL support to the User Picker Field

You attach a User Picker Field to your content type and want to retrieve the selected user via GraphQL. To try this out, we use a site set up with the Blog recipe and head to the Content -> Content Definition -> Content Types menu to edit the content definition of the predefined Blog Post content type by adding a new User Picker Field to it. For demonstration purposes, we also created a new user on the site using the AuthorUser as the user's name. Now, we can edit the predefined blog post content item and pick the newly created AuthorUser via the recently attached User Picker Field.

To try out this newly added GraphQL feature easily, we need to enable the GraphQL feature under Configuration -> Features. After that, you will find the new GraphiQL option under the Configuration menu. Here, we say that we want to retrieve the email, phoneNumber, userId, and userName properties of the user who is attached to our blog post via the User Picker Field.

Add GraphQL support to User Picker Field

News from the community

Orchard Harvest 2024 date and location

Get ready to power up your Orchard skills at Orchard Harvest Conference 2024! Join us on September 12th-13th at the Orleans Hotel and Casino in lively Las Vegas for two days packed with learning, coding, and community fun.

What can you expect at Orchard Harvest Conference 2024?

  • Hands-On Workshops: Elevate your coding game with interactive sessions led by industry experts.
  • Insider Insights: Learn best practices, advanced techniques, and real-world insights from qualified developers.
  • Global Connections: Connect with fellow enthusiasts, exchange ideas, and forge meaningful relationships within the Orchard community.
  • Special Perks: Participants get exclusive discounts on accommodations at the Orleans Hotel and Casino.

Can't wait until September? Check out recordings from last year's special online Orchard Harvest on our YouTube channel here.

Ready to be a part of something extraordinary? Reserve your spot today and take advantage of early-bird pricing at Orchard Harvest Conference 2024.

We also opened the registration form for the speakers:

This year's leading themes:

  • Leading up to a v3.0, what will the future Orchard Core look like?
  • What's the role of a CMS nowadays (with the decoupled/headless operating models, and AI development tools)
  • Explore some advanced topics such as Shapes, Placements, Cloud Integrations, Performance, module extensibility, etc.
  • Showcases on implementing Orchard Core in action.

Apply to be a speaker until the 15th of June, midnight Anywhere on Earth! We'll notify you whether your talk is selected for Harvest until the end of June. The chosen speakers will receive complimentary tickets for the event.

Want to support our mission? Become a sponsor! Reach out to us at [email protected] or [email protected] to explore sponsorship opportunities.

Secure your spot today and get ready to level up your skills at Orchard Harvest Conference 2024! See you there!

Orchard Harvest 2024 announcement

Decoupled Orchard Core CMS for QTA with Hisham Bin Ateya - Orchard Core Pair Programming by Lombiq

We'll have the fifth session of Orchard Core Pair Programming by Lombiq! In these, we do an hour of pair programming with an Orchard Core community member about a project of theirs. We learn together a lot, share best practices, and write some good code. All this is live, and you can join us with your questions! Here, you can find the previous pair programming sessions, and here, you can find the stream for the upcoming one! See you at 5 PM UTC on the 3rd!

Hisham Bin Ateya, a core contributor of Orchard Core, joins us with a decoupled CMS project he built for the Quality Training Academy for Health Training from Saudi Arabia. We'll look into the basics first, how you'd start with decoupled Orchard Core. Next, we'll check out more of it in action:

  • Decoupled CMS using Razor Pages/MVC
  • Modularity
  • We could explore some other features like import content, taxonomies, etc. We'll see!

Your host and the "navigator" of the pair programming session will be Zoltán István Lehóczky.

Would you like to be our guest? Just let us know!

Continuing a Content Warning Module with Drew Brasher - Orchard Core Pair Programming by Lombiq

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If you are interested in more news about Orchard and the details of the topics above, don't forget to check out the recording of this Orchard meeting!

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