Admin Dashboard Widgets, GitHub Issue Templates - This week in Orchard (24/01/2021)

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This week we will see the new issue templates in GitHub, the new View Media Options permission, and have a demo about a nice upcoming feature called Admin Dashboard Widgets! Check out our current post for more!

Orchard Core updates

Adding documentation for Resources Libraries

If you navigate to the OrchardCore.Resources project and open the ResourceManifest.cs file there you can see the list of the resources used by Orchard Core by default. That means if you would like to use jQuery for example in your site, you don't have to add this resource again from your theme or module because Orchard Core already has it. The goal of this table in the documentation is to collect all the used libraries with their versions.

Resources used by Orchard Core

New View Media Options permission

You can use the appsettings.json file to configure different media options like the supported sizes, allowed file extensions, and so on. But if you don't remember the exact values off the top of your head you had to open the appsettings.json file to check out the configuration values. To solve this issue, you can just easily navigate to Configuration -> Media -> Media Options that means you just need the admin UI of Orchard Core to see the values. And now you will find new permission called View Media Options that can be used to control who can be able to view the content of this site.

The new View Media Options permission

GitHub Issue Templates

If you found a bug while using Orchard Core or you just have a suggestion or an idea to make the CMS better, feel free to add a new issue on the GitHub page of Orchard Core. All you have to do is to select the Issues tab and click on the New issue button. This will navigate you to a new page where you can select what kind of issue you would like to submit.

Submitting a new issue into the Orchard Core repository

You can see three different kinds of options here: Bug report, Feature request, and Discussions. If you select the Discussions one, you can start a new discussion. GitHub Discussions is a collaborative communication forum for the community around an open-source project. Community members can ask and answer questions, share updates, have open-ended conversations, and follow along on decisions affecting the community's way of working. Check out the existing discussions related to Orchard Core here!

But if you found a bug or have a new feature request, select from the first two options. If you do that, you will be redirected to these pages. Here you can add your issue by using nice issue templates that help us to investigate the given bug, like how can we reproduce your issue. Or if you have a feature request, the template could help us to understand better what is the problem that can be solved by adding this new feature to the system. Feel free to try out and use them when submitting new issues!

Submit bug report or feature request

Refactor media tokens

This is about replacing the used Data Protection to encrypt tokens, as the encrypted token changed every server restart (because of course encryption should never produce the same value twice, for a given input). This caused the browser and/or CDN to refresh all the images every time the server is restarted/deployed. The is-cache wasn't affected by this, just the browser/CDN caches.

Updated documentation for query string tokens


Admin Dashboard Widgets

A few weeks ago we wrote about an upcoming new feature called Admin Dashboard that allows you to add cards to the homepage of the dashboard, which is about to represent a piece of functionality of a given feature or module. This feature is still under development and it has changed in the meantime a lot, so it's time to check out the newest improvements!

First of all, go to Configuration -> Features and enable the Admin Dashboard feature. If you do that, you will see the following screen when you navigate back to the homepage of your dashboard.

The admin dashboard with the predefined widget

You can see one predefined card here with the title Orchard Core, and at the bottom of the card, you can see an Edit and a Delete button. Let's click on the Edit one!

Edit the existing Html Dashboard Widget

As you can see this is an Html Dashboard Widget content type with a Title Part and a HtmlBody Part attached. But under that, you can see a textbox called Position. By using that setting you can control the order of your widgets on the dashboard. We have just this one, so whatever you type here, this will be rendered as the first widget.

If you click on the Add Widget button on the dashboard, you can create as many other Html Dashboard Widgets as you want. But now let's look under the hood and see how you can create custom dashboard widgets!

Navigate to Content -> Content Definition -> Content Types and create a new type, call it Markdown Dashboard Widget. Add the Title Part, the Markdown Body Part, and the Dashboard Part to it. The Dashboard Part is the one, that you will need to attach to every content type that you would like to mark as a dashboard widget. By using that part you can set the Position of your widget. And the final thing you have to do is to set the stereotype of your content type to DashboardWidget.

The new Markdown Dashboard Widget content type

Now let's get back to the dashboard of the admin UI and select the Markdown Dashboard Widget after clicking on the Add Widget button. As you can see, if we set the position to 1, it will be rendered after the predefined one with the title Orchard Core. If we modify the value of the position, we can change the ordering of the widgets.

Working with Dashboard Widgets

But that's not all! Head to YouTube now to see a video about this upcoming new feature!

News from the community

Execute an Orchard Core shape into HTML sample in the Lombiq Training Demo for Orchard Core

The Lombiq Training Demo for Orchard Core is a demo Orchard Core CMS module for training purposes guiding you to become an Orchard developer. You can use this module as part of a vanilla Orchard Core source that includes the full source code - which is the recommended way. You can also use it as part of a solution that uses Orchard Core NuGet packages, however, it's harder to look under the hood of Orchard Core features.

And now the module just got a new sample about how to execute an Orchard Core shape into HTML! Check it out now if you're learning Orchard and you haven't seen this feature yet!

Execute an Orchard Core shape into HTML sample

Work with us!

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