Azure Email Communication Services, documentation for Full-Text Search for Admin UI - This week in Orchard (28/03/2024)

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Add documentation for Full-Text Search for Admin UI, add support for sending emails using Azure Communication Services, and our Open-Source Orchard Core Extensions solution is updated to Orchard Core 1.8.2! Check out our post for the details!

Orchard Core updates

Add documentation for Full-Text Search for Admin UI

Starting with version 1.7, new options have been introduced to enable control over the behavior of the Full-Text Search in the administration user interface for content items.

For instance, consider a content type called Product. Currently, when a user performs a search, the default behavior is to check if the search terms are present in the DisplayText column of the ContentItemIndex for the content item. However, what if a user wants to search for a product using its serial number, which is not part of the DisplayText field? Head to the updated section of the documentation of Orchard Core to see how you can achieve this easily!

Documentation for Full-Text Search for Admin UI

Azure Email Communication Services

A new email provider was added to allow you to send emails using Azure Communication Services. Furthermore, the OrchardCore.Email module has undergone a refactoring process with no breaking changes. However, there are compile-time warnings that are recommended to be addressed:

  • Previously, we used the injection of ISmtpService for sending email messages. In this release, it is now necessary to inject IEmailService instead.
  • The SMTP-related services are now part of a new module named OrchardCore.Email.Smtp. To use the SMTP provider for sending emails, enable the OrchardCore.Email.Smtp feature.
  • If you were using the OrchardCore_Email configuration key to set up the SMTP provider for all tenants, please update the configuration key to OrchardCore_Email_Smtp. The OrchardCore_Email key continues to work but will be deprecated in a future release.

So, sending emails is provider-based, and now it's really easy to extend. If someone wants to create their provider for email, they can easily implement the IEmailProvider interface and that's all you need to do to add a new provider.

If you navigate to the Features page under Configuration and type email, you will see these three features.

Orchard Core Email-related features

Now, let's enable all three features, and let's see what will happen!

Orchard Core Email features

As you can see, the Email settings page under Configuration now contains three tabs:
- Providers: here, you can set up the default email sender provider that you want to use.
- Azure: settings related to the Azure Provider.
- SMTP: settings related to the SMTP Provider.

Under the Email Test menu, you can test your providers where the first drop-down, called Provider, contains all of the active features that can be used to send emails.

You can read more about these modules in the documentation, where you will find a page for the base Email module, the Azure Email module, and the Email SMTP module.

News from the community

Updated Lombiq's Open-Source Orchard Core Extensions

This Orchard Core Visual Studio solution contains most of Lombiq's open-source Orchard modules and themes, as well as, related utilities and libraries. Please keep in mind that only those extensions included that use the latest released version of Orchard (i.e., the very cutting-edge ones depending on a nightly build are not yet here). And now, this solution has been updated to the latest and greatest 1.8.2 Orchard Core version.

Check them out here, and install them from NuGet or from the source! Bug reports, feature requests, comments, questions, and code contributions are warmly welcome, please do so via GitHub issues and pull requests. Please adhere to our open-source guidelines while doing so.

Lombiq's Open-Source Orchard Core Extensions modules

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