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UPDATE (2017-11-22): Dojo Course 2 is released with new, updated videos!

This week on Dojo Course we are giving life to our content part by adding several Orchard-y code pieces to it, though the result is far from being Frankenstein-like. While doing that, we also discover some interesting and useful pieces of the Orchard API.

  • Creating a migration for our Contents feature.
  • Difference between ContentPartRecord and ContentPartVersionRecord: versioning content parts.
  • Making your content part attachable to content types (on the Admin UI).
  • Creating a content type using migrations and attaching parts to it.
  • Creating a handler for our content part to do some plumbing (e.g. StorageFilter).
  • Creating a driver for our content part to cover server-side part of the the user interface interaction.
  • How displaying a shape works, what is DisplayType?
  • Shape templates (also editors) and using Placement.
  • Using InfosetPart to store a part's data in the content item's XML infoset document. This eliminates content part record lazy loading, providing a significant performance gain.
  • The importance of driver shape factories.
  • How to make your content part support importing and exporting?

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