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New culture settings deployment step, display new menu option, sample recipes in Try Orchard Core, and many more await in our upcoming post!

Orchard Core updates

Disable CDN by default

A lot of people were saying that there was no way to disable the CDN easily. There were issues when you are in China and you have to disable the CDN because in that case, you don't have access to the scripts that are required. And we had some required assets on the setup screen too. After some discussion, the fix is to not use CDN by default, use the locally served assets by default even in the setup screen. If you want to use CDN resources then you have to go to the settings and enable it. To do that, just navigate to the admin UI of your site and head to Configuration -> Settings -> General. And in the Resources tab, you will find the Use framework CDN (Content Delivery Network) option to enable or disable the CDN support. You can find some lines about the disabled CDN in the docs.

Setting to use framework CDN

Add deployment step for culture settings

Set up your site using the Blog recipe then navigate to Configuration -> Features under the admin UI. Here enable the Deployment and the Localization features. Now you can add multiple supported cultures to your site. To do that, head to Configuration -> Settings -> Cultures and add some cultures. Now we can easily try out the new Culture settings deployment step. All you have to do is to create a new deployment plan under Configuration -> Import/Export -> Deployment Plans and add the new Culture settings to it. If you execute the plan and open the Recipe.json file inside it, you will see the supported cultures of the site.

The culture settings deployment step

Fix NRE when clearing out all zones

Let's navigate to Design -> Settings -> Zones to manage the supported zones. Remove all zones from Available zones for Layer and hit the Save button. This means the zones do not clear but instead remaining the same. The cause is an NRE in the LayerSiteSettingsDisplayDriver when attempting to split model.Zones when null. If you happen to go edit the layer zones and you make it blank, the model.Zones here will be null. You can see the fix in the LayerSiteSettingsDisplayDriver.cs.

Fix NRE when clearing out all zones

Move tags to own ViewModel

Let's say you have several taxonomy terms, multiple fields with the same taxonomy terms on the editor of your content item. And if you would like to save or publish your content item you got the Form value count limit 1024 exceeded error message. The solution is to use one JSON document containing all the Tag Term entries to update and then just send what needs to be updated instead of sending everything when you are modifying your content item. Check out the Edit and UpdateAsync methods of the TaxonomyFieldTagsDisplayDriver.

The updated TaxonomyFieldTagsDisplayDriver


Display New menu option

If you log in to the admin UI of Orchard Core, the first option in the admin menu called New that you can use to create Creatable content items. It can happen that you don't want to be that option in the menu because you don't need that all, you never use it. Well, here comes the good news for you! If you navigate to Configuration -> Settings -> Admin, you will find a new one here called Display New menu. If you remove the tick from the checkbox, the New option will not be available from the admin menu.

The Display new menu option checkbox

You can also find a short recording on YouTube about this setting!

Try Orchard Core sample recipes

You may hear about the Try Orchard Core website that is a showcase for the Orchard Core content management framework: you can try how Orchard Core feels by checking out an already running demo site where you can play with Orchard as you wish. This site operates with the RC2 version of Orchard Core but if you want to go ahead with a more recent dev build of the CMS, you can do that under the URL. And there is more difference between these two sites. Let's meet with the sample recipes!

First, navigate to and set up a site with the Blank recipe (the third option from the recipes). If you set up your site by following the instructions from the email, you will see that the site doesn't have any home page. Now let's navigate to the admin UI of your site and head to Configuration -> Recipes.

Sample recipes of Try Orchard Core

Here you will see several recipes under the Try Orchard Core category. Let's try to run them in the given order. The first one will enable the theming engine and The Default Theme for your site and make it the current one. The second recipe (called Homepage) will create a Page content type and a page content item that will be the homepage of your site. The first one (Menu) will add a new menu item to the Main Menu that targets the homepage of your site. The Layers recipe will add an Always and a Homepage layer to your site with the Content and Footer zones. The Widget recipe will create a RawHtml content type and add a Widget in the Footer zone. You will see something like this for now: the homepage has the page content type as the homepage, a menu with one item, and a RawHTML widget in the footer.

Try Orchard Core homepage after running the recipes

Check out the following recording on YouTube to see what can you can get if you run the rest of the recipes!

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