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UPDATE (2017-11-22): Dojo Course 2 is released with new, updated videos!

How to upgrade my table schema? How to store and retrieve records from my tables? How do I upgrade from using a plain set of records to using a content part? This week on Dojo Course we are moving on to uncover the mysteries of content parts.

  • Making modifications to your Migrations classes: how to use the update methods.
  • Quick recap on Dependency Injection and creating a service class to handle our records.
  • Benedek has problems with typing when he knows he's being watched (actually, Zoltán as well) :).
  • Difference between requiring a single and list of dependencies.
  • How to (and how not to) use IRepository<T> to store and retreive records.
  • Based on what we learned about records, we are starting to develop our first content part.
  • Dividing your module into features (subset of functionalities) and declaring dependencies between them.
  • Assigning pieces of code to specific features using the OrchardFeature attribute.

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  • Benedek Farkas said Reply

    Thanks! If all goes well, we'll publish the next one tomorrow.

  • Евгений (Evgeny) said Reply

    Хороший урок, ждем продолжения!

  • sandeep said Reply

    Dojo Course......!
    In Orchard 1.7 ,when i trying to add a module manually through command line
    using "codegen" command it says "codegen is not a valid command".....
    can you help me..!!!

  • Zoltán Lehóczky said Reply

    That's because you don't have the codegen feature enabled. Run this command to enable it: feature enable Orchard.CodeGeneration

  • rtpHarry said Reply

    I think the issue with the Person repository around the 1hr mark was because you were trying to call the .Fetch on the .Table but it should have been one step up, straight off the IRepository class.

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