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UPDATE (2017-11-22): Dojo Course 2 is released with new, updated videos!

Our fourth Dojo Course tutorial wraps up theme development by explaining shapes and alternates. We also start with module development and write some interesting code that actually works.

  • Shapes are the dynamic objects organized into a tree that defines the layout
  • Exploring this tree of shapes using the Shape Tracer module, a bigger building block is a zone
  • Explaining the relation between the Razor templates and shapes, view engines
  • Overriding active templates: alternates
  • Localizing templates: T-Strings (please ignore the ASPX format :) ) and how they work
  • Exploring the naming conventions of templates for targeting the override
  • The resulting output is affected by OutputCache for unauthenticated users
  • Editing the settings for the Orchard.OutputCache module
  • Adding styles and scripts to your templates, difference between AtHead and AtFoot for scripts
  • Taking a look at the Layout shape template, which is the spine of the final layout
  • Generating a module skeleton with the command line tool and adding it to our custom solution folder
  • Introducing the Orchard Training Demo module, specifically developed to aid you in learning about Orchard development
  • Looking at the basic settings of your module: Module.txt
  • Diving modules into subsets of functionality: features
  • Modules are strongly depending on the MVC paradigm
  • Let's see C: writing our first Controller with an action for a start
  • Let's see V: writing a view that represents the result of our controller actions
  • The first and most basic element of the Orchard API: the [Themed] attribute
  • Getting to know Dependency Injection
  • Using our first Orchard service: IWorkContextAccessor
  • How to debug an Orchard application running with IIS Express

Remember: if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask them by creating a new issue in the Orchard issue tracker with the "discussion" label. Make sure to prefix your thread's title with "Dojo Course - "! We keep an eye on these issues.

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