First Orchard CMS Workshop in Mumbai

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Orchard CMS Mumbai User Group will be conducting the First Orchard CMS Workshop in Mumbai "Introduction To Orchard CMS and Theme Development" on 2nd Nov 2014.

This user group will conduct workshops which will be aimed for developers new to Orchard and everyone interested in using Orchard in their projects.

First Orchard CMS Workshop in Mumbai "Introduction To Orchard CMS and Theme Development".

Workshop requirements?

In order to join this workshop you will need to install the following things on your laptop

  • Microsoft WebMatrix 3

  • SQL Server 2012 Express

  • Visual Studio 2013 or higher (including free express editions)

  • IIS 7.5/ 8 / 8.1

  • Any web browser

How will you benefit from this workshop?

You will get a good working knowledge of Orchard CMS and its admin panel and how to use Orchard CMS as an advance user.

After completing this workshop you will be able to download Orchard, Install it locally and remotely on a live web server, use the Orchard admin panel very efficiently, Install new themes and modules from the gallery, create pages, blogs and pretty much everything that a content manager will do to manage his content using Orchard CMS. Theme Development will teach you how to create themes for Orchard CMS and even convert HTML templates into Orchard Themes. You will also learn about Shapes, Shape Tracing , Shape Templates, Placements , Packaging and Sharing.

What things you will be learning in this workshop?

  • Getting started with Orchard CMS

  • Learn how to Install Orchard CMS on your local IIIS

  • Learn about all the Orchard CMS Terminologies

  • Learn how to use the Orchard CMS Admin Panel

  • Learn how to host an Orchard CMS website on to a live web server

  • Get Started with Orchard CMS Theme Development

  • How to use Orchard CMS Command-Line Scaffolding

  • How to create themes in Orchard CMS

  • What are Shapes and How to override Shapes in Orchard

  • What are Part Templates (Overriding Part Templates)

  • What are EditorTemplates (Overriding EditorTemplate for Parts)

  • How to override Widgets

  • : Placing shapes in a specific zone with a weight/ :

  • Matching(DisplayType, ContentType, Path)

  • How to create a Nuget package for your Orchard Theme

  • DotNest( : The Saas Provider for Orchard CMS(like

This workshop is also featured on Orchard Beginner

Who is Abhishek Luv?

Abhishek Luv is an Orchard Dojo Trainer and a Contributor to the Official Orchard CMS Documentation and has created numerous Orchard CMS tutorials. Interests MVC, Orchard CMS. You can see Abhishek's tutorials on Udemy ( and Orchard Beginner ( Also visit Abhishek's trainer profile on Orchard Dojo.

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