Fix route ChangePasswordConfirmation, Fluid 2.2.14 - This week in Orchard (09/02/2022)

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New custom path for the ChangePasswordConfirmation, Fluid 2.2.14 with several fixes and improvements, Orchard Core on the ASP.NET Community Standup are the topics of this week. Check out this post for the details!

Orchard Core updates

Fix route ChangePasswordConfirmation

The idea is that now there is a custom route for the ChangePasswordConfirmation instead of using the generic one. So, the action OrchardCore.Users.Controllers.ChangePasswordConfirmation() is now mapped to /ChangePasswordConfirmation, because that action was mapped to /OrchardCore.Users/ChangePasswordConfirmation.

And the documentation of Orchard Core has been also updated with this new custom path.

Updated the Custom Paths in the documentation

Fluid 2.2.14

Fluid 2.2.14 has been released with several fixes and improvements. Let's see some of the changes here!

The first one is about displaying the source of an error message. Now, if there is a parser error, it will tell you the location of the error (line and column) but it will also show the line with the error. And this way it's easier to understand where the issue is. And if you have multiple templates, for instance, then you don't have to guess what template contains the error because you can see the error directly.

The new ErrorMessageContainsLineSource unit test in Fluid

Now FluidParserOptions can be configured by using Fluid.MvcViewEngine. This introduces a small set of further changes to support the recent work allowing for FunctionValues.

  • Update to FluidViewParser constructor to pass FluidParserOptions argument.
  • Update to sample projects to use the new constructor.

The next improvement is to fix some keyword conflicts. Someone finds an issue in Orchard is that if you have a variable that is named emptyThing, the parser would find that you mean the empty keyword and will fail saying what is this Thing after the empty? And it's the same for blank, true and false. So, if you have variable names starting with empty, you can have them now, this is what this PR is fixing.

And another one is to implement offset continue. Now you can assign a range directly to a variable with this version. Before you could not. The second thing is that you can do offset with the keyword continue. So, in this case, continue is a keyword and what happens is that it will do another loop starting from where the previous loop stopped. So here, if you say limit: 2, it will start from the 4th item. And you can also pass another limit if you want. So, here the idea is that we loop for three items in the array, and then we loop again for the rest and display all the items.

The new ShouldContinueForLoop unit test in Fluid

News from the community

ASP.NET Community Standup - PO (portable object) localization with Orchard Core

There was an ASP.NET Community Standup about localizing the .NET website. The topics were how the .NET websites have been localized using the Orchard Core localization package with PO files. Sébastien Ros did a demo about the package, explained how the localizer works, how to inject it, how to use the module, how to create a PO file, how to use pluralization, etc. If you would like to know more about localization, check out the recording of that standup meeting here!

DotNest Core is on Orchard Core 1.2.2

DotNest Core is a complete redevelopment of the DotNest platform, all on the latest version of Orchard Core. We've been running it with a couple of select few customers for a while now, and it's time to open it up a bit more. While you can't yet simply create an Orchard Core-based DotNest site, you can sign up for our limited beta here. You'll soon be able to get a fully functional, reliably hosted Orchard Core site on DotNest where you can build your personal website or something to showcase your Orchard skills with.

And now the DotNest Core sites run on Orchard Core 1.2.2! Do you want to have a hassle-free Orchard site running in the cloud? Then sign up for the beta here!

DotNest Core Beta

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If you are interested in more news around Orchard and the details of the topics above, don't forget to check out the recording of this week's Orchard meeting!

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