Fixing rendering of helper and block tag helper, Bynder for Orchard Core - This week in Orchard (21/10/2021)

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Media Library, Query, Documentation, This week in Orchard, Content field, JSON Recipe Deployment Step, Tenant Feature Profiles - This week in Orchard (14/10/2021)

Fixing rendering of helper and block tag helper, documentation for the Feature Profiles, OpenID improvements, and demo about a module that integrates Bynder for Orchard Core! Don't forget to check out our current post to know more!

Orchard Core updates

Documentation for Feature Profiles

Last week we had a demo about the new Feature Profiles feature. If you haven't seen the demo video about that feature or you haven't read about it yet, you should check out our previous post! In the meantime, the Tenants page of the Orchard Core documentation has a new section that describes everything you need to know to use the Feature Profiles feature.

Feature Profiles documentation

Fixing rendering of helper and block tag helper

We had an issue in Orchard Core when using Tag Helpers in Liquid. You can write a tag like a block that will implicitly invoke ASP.NET Tag Helpers and try to map the provided name and properties to the given Tag Helper. In this case, we say to invoke the anchor Tag Helper and with the provided action, class, and route_todoid properties. Here you can see a nice example in the OrchardCore.Demo module to see how you can call an ASP.NET Tag Helper using Liquid.

Fixing rendering helpers

OpenID Recipes: use step model instead of the view model, support update

Orchard Core got several updates related to the OpenID feature. The changes in this addition are:

  • Add unit tests for OpenID scopes.
  • Add unit tests for OpenID apps.
  • Replace OpenIdScopeStepViewModel with OpenIdScopeStepModel in recipe.
  • Replace CreateOpenIdApplicationViewModel with OpenIdApplicationStepModel in recipe.
  • Adjust OpenIdScopeStep to support update.
  • Adjust OpenIdApplicationStep to support update.
  • Adjust OpenIdApplicationStep to include importing scopes, which were not imported before.

If you check out the code of the OpenIdApplicationStep, (which is a recipe step that adds an OpenID Connect app), you will see that now it's using a new OpenIdApplicationStepModel instead of the CreateOpenIdApplicationViewModel to serialize the data coming from a recipe file.

New OpenIdApplicationStepModel

Refactor IQueryResult usage

This addition contains several changes:

  • Moving LuceneQueryResults to OrchardCore.Lucene.Abstractions.
  • Moving SqlQueryResult to OrchardCore.Data.Abstractions.
  • Adding OrchardCore.Queries.Abstractions to both these projects to use the IQueryResults interface.

This means now, if you would like to use the LuceneQueryResults in your solution, you will find that class in the OrchardCore.Lucene.Abstractions project, under the OrchardCore.Lucene namespace. The old LuceneQueryResults class is marked as obsolete to do not break your code when you will update your solution to the upcoming Orchard Core 1.1.

Moving LuceneQueryResults to OrchardCore.Lucene.Abstractions


Bynder for Orchard Core

This demo is about an Orchard Core module for integrating with the digital asset management platform Bynder. Foremost, it provides the Bynder Field content field that can be added to content parts so Bynder resources can be browsed and attached. But what is Bynder? Bynder’s digital asset management platform enables teams to collaborate in the cloud, get content to market faster, and maximize the impact of marketing assets. It's pretty much a media gallery for bigger companies or for governments used mostly by marketing people. You can upload images and else into Bynder and then everybody from marking will access and use them when publishing materials. If you are interested, you can easily create your 30-day trial here.

This module adds a media picker field for Bynder into the Orchard admin. Let's see it in action! In this demo, we will go with a quicker way and use our Open-Source Orchard Core Extensions full Orchard Core solution. We just clone the repository of the Bynder module too and add it to this solution.

You have to do one thing before using the module. You need to configure your Bynder Portal's URL to be used in all Bynder Fields via the BynderOptions see its definition. It means that you need to add the PortalUrl to the appsettings.json file.

Configure Bynder Portal URL

Now, let's set up a site using the Blog recipe. After, we need to enable the module. To do that, head to Configuration -> Features and find the one called CSM.Bynder. Let's say that we want to extend the content definition of the Blog Post by adding the Bynder Field to it (Content -> Content Definition -> Content Types -> Blog Post -> Add Field).

Adding the Bynder Field

Now we have the Bynder Field added to the Blog Post content type, let's see what will happen if we would like to edit the predefined blog post! You will find a new button called Browse Bynder. And if you click on that button, you have the ability to browse some images. Here you can see the dialog provided by the Bynder SDK where you can see all of the assets under the specific collection of the given company. The field is currently configured for allowing multiple of these pictures so we will be able to select more than one.

Selecting assets from Bynder

And that's not all of it! If you would like to know more about this module developed by Lombiq Technologies, just head to YouTube for a recording!

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