Full-Text Search for Admin UI, Orchard Harvest recordings - This week in Orchard (04/08/2023)

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Adding an option to allow the user to change the full-text search behavior in the admin UI, new Helpful Shell Extensions, and announcing that the recordings of the Orchard Harvest Conference 2023 are available on YouTube! Check out our post for the details!

Orchard Core updates

Full-Text Search for Admin UI

Currently, when searching for content we search the DisplayText property. It can happen that we want to search content items for other fields like a stock number or serial number. Currently, the only way to do this is by adding any info we want to search for to the title. This may be acceptable in some cases, but not all cases. From now on, additional options have been introduced to enable control over the behavior of the full-text search in the administration user interface for content items. Check out this documentation for details about how you can do that by implementing the IContentsAdminListFilterProvider interface and registering the custom default term name as a search option by adding it to the ContentsAdminListFilterOptions.

Full-Text Search for Admin UI documentation

Helpful Shell Extensions

The goal of this change is to introduce various extensions related to tenant management that the contributors can utilize in the future to improve the code quality of Orchard Core instead of doing the same checks repeatedly. And of course, you can use these extensions in the future in your own custom code as well! We have three new classes (ShellContextExtensions, ShellSettingsExtensions, and ShellStringExtensions) with extension methods that tell you whether the tenant is running or not, whether or not the tenant has one of the provided URL hosts, whether or not the tenant is in use in at least one active scope, and so on.

The new ShellContextExtensions

News from the community

Orchard Harvest Online Recordings

We had the first online Orchard Harvest, and it was great to see that we had 188 sign-ups for the conference! It was an excellent opportunity to share knowledge, talk about development plans and ideas, and foremost, meet the rest of the worldwide community.

And of course, we recorded every session, which means they are now available on YouTube! Click the link to rewatch all the inspiring talks and discussions!

Orchard Harvest Online recordings

That was a blast! Thank you again, everyone, for taking part, and thanks to the presenters for their great presentations!

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If you are interested in more news about Orchard and the details of the topics above, don't forget to check out the recording of this Orchard meeting!

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