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Let's suppose you're building your shiny new Orchard Core website. In there you're also building a shiny new page, with Flow Part obviously. You throw together a lot of widgets to get all the bells and whistles on the page, then you save it and BAM! Internal Server Error: "InvalidDataException: Form value count limit 1024 exceeded." What's this, did I break Orchard? Is Orchard trying to break me? Let's fix this!

An ASP.NET Core Internal Server Error page showing an "InvalidDataException: Form value count limit 1024 exceeded." exception

The exception happens because the structure you've built with Flow Part is simply too large for the default ASP.NET Core limits. This is not something that would be too extreme to achieve, actually: If you have more complex widgets (with a lot of fields each) and you put several of them into a complex nested structure you can quite possibly build something by hand that would fail like this. Ask how I know!

You can increase the limits restricting posted form value sizes, and in this particular case you'd need to change the ValueCountLimit value of FormOptions. Put this into the Startup class of your Orchard-based web app project (it won't work in a module or theme!):

services.Configure(options => options.ValueCountLimit = 4096);

This increased the limit to 4096, plenty more than the default. However, keep in mind that these limits have their uses: Malicious users could try to post large pieces of data to your server, trying to overwhelm it for example. So only increase this as much you only need!

Note BTW that we're using the ASP.NET Core configuration API here, something which is also demonstrated in detail in our Training Demo Module, so follow up learning there!

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