How to install SQL Server 2016 (and SSMS 2016)

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As an update to our earlier how-to for setting up a developer environment with IIS and SQL Server 2014 for Orchard, here's a step-by-step guide for setting up SQL Server 2016 and SQL Server Management Studio 2016 on your machine. If you're upgrading from SQL Server 2005, we have good news for you: SQL Server 2016 is faster.


Make sure that your msvcr120.dll file is the appropriate version, as described in the official documentation.

SQL Server 2016

  • Go to the Technet Evaluation Center, sign in with a Microsoft ID and download the installer.
  • Installation
    • Select "Custom" as the installation type on the splash screen.
    • New SQL Server stand-alone installation or add features to an existing installation (opens a new window)
      • Product key
        • Specify a free edition: Developer
      • Feature Selection
        • Instance Features -> Database Engine Services -> check (you probably won't need anything else)
      • Instance Configuration
      • Database Engine Configuration
        • Server Configuration
          • Authentication Mode -> Windows authentication mode
          • Specify SQL Server administrators -> Add Current User
        • Data Directories: change, if necessary

SQL Server Management Studio 2016

What else to do

Head back to the original article and follow the installation guide from step 9.


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