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Orchard Core Nuggets, Publishing, Orchard Core, Click to deploy, Update Content Workflow Task - This week in Orchard (17/04/2020)

Let's imagine you've already created an Orchard Core app and now it's time to show it to the world. How do you publish it, or rather, how do you create its publish package?

When publishing an Orchard Core, or any .NET Core app (be it a desktop app for release or deploying a web app) you need to use the dotnet publish command (see its docs). For web apps running on Azure App Service our usual practice is to do a self-contained deployment, see the .NET Core publishing guidelines. A standard publish command for a 32b Windows App service is as following:

dotnet publish SolutionName.sln --configuration Release --runtime win10-x86 --output C:\path-to-package-folder --self-contained true

For a 64b App Service the runtime would be win10-x64.

If you just want to do a quick debug publish then running dotnet publish in the folder of an Orchard-based web app’s solution without any parameters will create a published app in the YourWebApp\bin\Debug\netcoreapp3.1\publish folder.

For a PowerShell script that does a publish and then zips up the package see this script in our HipChat to Microsoft Teams Migration Utility.

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  • James said Reply

    I don't have a url yet. I built a Orchard Core decoupled app for the local youth athletics group. I'm trying to publish it to GoDaddy, but running into issues. I can publish a generic net core 3 app. I was able create to set up and run locally. When I try publishing again I get a generic 500 error. GoDaddy hasn't been able to help. I am using sql light. I'm not sure if this would be the issue.

    Anyway, I can't find much out there and was wondering if by chance you might know more.


    • Zoltán Lehóczky said Reply

      A 500 error can be due to a variety of causes. However, you can most possibly find out the details of the error from the Orchard logs. You can find these under the App_Data/Logs folder.

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