IClientIpAddressAccessor interface, new Orchard Core site case study - This week in Orchard (11/08/2023)

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Add a thumbnail to stereotype filter; IClientIpAddressAccessor an interface for accessing the client IP Address, and check out a case study of a new Orchard Core site using Orchard Core Commerce! Let's get started!

Orchard Core updates

Add thumbnail to stereotype filter

In some cases, we want to create a menu item that would allow the user to manage content items of a specific stereotype. Currently, we only support single content types but not stereotypes. The goal of this change was to add a query parameter stereotype that would allow us to manage only content items that share the same given stereotype. We already mentioned this change a few weeks ago but from now on, this feature is more user-friendly because you can see a thumbnail about this filter inside the available filters list on the Manage Content page. You can reach this list if you click on the Filters icon near the Search textbox and select the Filter syntax from the drop-down menu.

Thumbnail to stereotype filter

Add IClientIpAddressAccessor interface for accessing the client IP Address

It can happen that you need to know the IP address of the client. For example, Orchard Core can save the client IP Address when logging events using the Audit Trail feature. From now on, you will see a new IClientIPAddressAccessor interface with a default implementation called DefaultClientIPAddressAccessor, which you can use to easily get the IP address of the client.

New DefaultClientIPAddressAccessor

News from the community

Case study of a new Orchard Core site using Orchard Core Commerce

DotNest is a SaaS provider that provides hosted Orchard Core and Orchard 1 web applications (think Wordpress.com for Orchard). This basically means that after registration you can create Orchard websites on DotNest without having to worry about hosting or maintenance. Orchard is always kept up-to-date and in good working order for you, you just have to use it. Several custom modules and themes are available for you on all Orchard Core DotNest sites. One of these is the Orchard Core Commerce module, which is the commerce module for the CMS containing features like handling taxation, shopping cart, and checkout. We published a case study about migrating the content of an old version of an Orchard Core website with a custom theme and modifications in the business logic of the Orchard Core Commerce module to DotNest. Check out this case study here to read more about how we achieved this with Ik wil een taart, a confectionery in the Netherlands!

Ik Wil Een Taart case study

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