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Dojo Course, Facebook, Antispam, C# scripting

UPDATE (2017-11-22): Dojo Course 2 is released with new, updated videos!

In the last lesson of the Dojo Course, we look into a few topics asked by you! Let's see Facebook Suite, Antispam and C# scripting!

  • Facebook suite: installation and usage of the several widgets that bring Facebook features into your website!
  • Antispam: Orchard offers a few solutions out of the box to fight spam! They are: JavaScriptAntiSpamPart, ReCaptcha, Akismet and Typepad.
  • C# scripting: how to add C# code on the frontend which can be integrated with other features, e.g. content validation and Workflows!
  • Thank you for your attention in this 3 months and have a very good year filled with awesome Orchard stuff!

Remember: if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask them by creating a new issue in the Orchard issue tracker with the "discussion" label. Make sure to prefix your thread's title with "Dojo Course - "! We keep an eye on these issues. Also follow us on Twitter to get notified about the latest Dojo Course news, including when a new tutorial is posted.

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