Live from Seattle - Orchard Harvest Day 2

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The second day of Orchard Harvest is on! Our keynote speaker is Damien Edwards, Senior Program Manager in ASP.NET talking about how to use AngularJS in ASP.NET. He shares a lot of pieces of knowledge on how to build powerful single-page applications with a small amount of code. AngularJS is a client-side MVC framework with a ton of features that allow you to write input-heavy UI with highly reusable code, it's actually quite Orchard-y! On a sidenote, we at Lombiq also use AngularJS for most of our projects, including the ones we create for our clients and DotNest too!

The next presentation is by Sébastien again, talking about adapting and using Bootstrap-based themes for Orchard websites. Sébastien walks us through the basic structure and usage of Bootstrap, what are the available solutions if you'd like to use a Bootstrap-based theme for your website and how and why he built a new theme called TheBootstrapMachine for the ASP.NET blogs.

Next on stage is Sipke, giving us an in-depth session about the usage of the Workflows module through real-life examples.

The last presentation before the luch break is the Orchard developers respresenting AMC Theatres: Travis Maddox and Adam Anderson. They are sharing with us their experiences about Orchard and how they built an extremely content-heavy website. They described in-depth their server architecture, performance-related experiences and results due to recent updates and site-load statistics. We also heard about how they upgraded the site with the major Orchard version and the new features and bits added to the site to enhance user experience.

<LunchBreak />

After the break, Scott Hunter and Eilon Lipton talk about the future of .NET in reflection to the recently announced news regarding the .NET platform. Scott tells about some of the architectural aspects of the future generations of .NET and ASP.NET vNext. After that Eilon is taking preview version of Visual Studio 2014 for a ride to show us the basics of an ASP.NET vNext application.

And then the Sébastien show is on once again! He mentions the current pressing matters of the Orchard ecosystem, like the bugs waiting to be fixed, the documentation that needs update and extensions, along with some other tasks for the near future:

  • A very important feature currently under development by IDeliverable is the AuditTrail module.
  • Besides, the Content Deployment module by Damien Clarke is also a good candidate for being added to the core.
  • The localization capabilities in terms of content management definitely need some love.
  • New admin theme (under development by Antoine), including better content organization (e.g. like the Tree by Bertrand).
  • Adding/fixing new features to the gallery: generating the downloadable packages based on VCS changes (so module developers don't need to care about creating releases for the gallery too) and displaying information about the modules' compatibility with different Orchard versions.

See you tomorrow with more Orchard Harvest news!

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