Live from Seattle - Orchard Harvest Day 3

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This is the third day of Orchard Harvest! The downside is that it's the last day, though it's really great that this is the first Harvest with three days (instead of two). Sébastien is today's keynote speaker sharing his long-term vision regarding Orchard. Sébastien also enumerates the important aspects of Orchard and its community, most of them centered around openness. To make Orchard better, we need to learn from other systems and communities!

Next on stage is Nicholas Taylor Mullen from Microsoft, talking about ASP.NET vNext as a continuation to yesterday's talk with Scott Hunter and Eilon Lipton. We've seen some of the newest features of Visual Studio too that were built to work together with ASP.NET vNext.

Our third speaker today is Bing Huan Chio talking about how and why the backend system for the Halo Waypoint blog was migrated to Orchard. Since they were newcomers to Orchard at the beginning of their project at their setup required an API module, since the Orchard application served as a backend system. The REST API module that was created for this project is going be open-sourced soon and is a good candidate for adding it to the new modules of Orchard 1.9.

After that a short presentation came to announce the results of the Orchard Spring Harvest Challenge. We made a live "interview" with the winner - Daniel Dabrowski - via Skype to present his great Orchard project, the MiniProfiler.

And then finally, the last presentation is by us, Lombiq, on how the Orchard CMS SaaS, DotNest was created and how it is maintained. In the first half, Zoltán is talking about the requirements of such a software and what kind of tools we've built to fulfill them and then Benedek was on stage to describe the deployment process currently used by Lombiq (as well as some retrospective case-study about its development) that enables us to maintain all our websites (including DotNest, of course) and deploy them without any downtime.

That's it for Orchard Harvest for this year, see you next time!

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