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We have mentioned the Shortcodes feature several times and now it's available in the preview packages of Orchard Core. We will also show a demo about how you can use our .NET Analyzers in your Orchard Core solution. Check out our post for more!

Orchard Core updates

Tabs syntax changed in the documentation

Orchard Core documentation contains code samples both in Liquid and Razor languages. You can see the given code samples in tabs near each other. If you want to change between them you just need to click on the Razor or the Liquid tab to see the snippets. Now, if you would like to improve the documentation and put some snippet there too, you have to use a new syntax in Markdown. In the screen below you can see the old one in red, and the new one in green. Thank you for making the documentation better and better!

The new syntax for the Razor and Liquid tabs in the documentation

Media root folder selected by default

If you navigated to the dashboard of Orchard Core and opened the Media Library (Content -> Media Library) you may found that the images in the root folder were not available on the list on the right. The workaround was to create a new folder to see the files in the root. Now, this issue is fixed, the media root folder is selected by default and you are able to see the content in the media library without any workarounds.

Files in the root of the media library

New icons for User Disabled and Enabled events

A small UI change here. When you add a new User Disabled or User Enabled event to your workflow you will find new icons here. These icons are also used when you are working on your events on the kanban board of your workflows.

New icons for the User Disabled and User Enabled events

Shortcodes feature merged

Shortcodes are small pieces of code wrapped into [brackets] that can add some behavior to content editors, like embedding media files. The Image Shortcode can be used to display an image from the media library in your WYSIWYG editors. The simplest way to use that Shortcode is the following: [image]media/samoyed.jpg[/image].

And the good news is that now you can find the Shortcodes and the Shortcode Template features in the preview packages of Orchard Core! In case if you missed you can find two videos on YouTube about Shortcodes: check out this one first, then watch this video for the second part of the demo!

We also mentioned these features in This week in Orchard too several times. Check out this for an introduction, then this one for the first demo, finally don't forget to read this post to see the improvements of the Shortcodes! And the documentation is available in this URL!

Update configuration documentation

The documentation now contains more lines to explain how to read a configuration from an external config file, that you can use in your Startup class. Click here to see the updated page!

Documentation about how to read configuration from an external config file

New workflow task to validate user

There is a new Validate User Task to check if the user exists for the current request and has the specified role(s). This task has three outcomes:

  • InRole: if the user in the current request has at least one of the selected roles.
  • Anonymous: if the user in the current request is anonymous.
  • Authenticated: if the user in the current request is authenticated

If you check the Set the 'UserName' workflow property if the user is authenticated checkbox, the username of the current user will be added to the Properties dictionary of the WorkflowExecutionContext that you can use in the upcoming tasks.

The editor of the Validate User Task


Lombiq .NET Analyzers

Our Lombiq .NET Analyzers repository contains .NET code analyzers and code convention settings for Lombiq projects. We use these to enforce common standards across all our .NET projects, including e.g. in all of our open-source Orchard Core extensions. If you contribute to our open-source projects while using that solution you'll be guided by these rules too.

There is a built-in code analyzer in Visual Studio, but there is a lot of other analyzer projects out there. These analyzers can find issues in your code, but this is about to extend that and try to find even more issues. The Readme.md file in the repository tells you how you can add these files to your solution in just two quick steps! Now let's see a simple example of this!

Let's imagine that you have an interface with a method that represents an asynchronous operation. After we created our great interface with the method you will notice that the IDE complains about some stuff. First of all, we have an interface and a method in it with no documentation. The DoSomethingGreat method is an async method, so the correct name of the method would be DoSomethingGreatAsync. Pretty cool, right?

Warnings by the Lombiq .NET Analyzers

But that's not all! Head to YouTube to see the full demo about Lombiq .NET Analyzers!

News from the community

Extending event handlers sample in the Lombiq Training Demo for Orchard Core

Orchard Core Training Demo module is a demo Orchard Core module for training purposes guiding you to become an Orchard developer. You can use this module as part of a vanilla Orchard Core source that including the full source code - which is the recommended way. You can use it as part of a solution the uses Orchard Core NuGet packages, however, it's harder to look under the hood of Orchard Core features.

The latest update of the module is about to show you how you can extend Orchard Core with event handlers. The LoginGreeting class is about to implement the ILoginFormEvent interface and shows a notification to the user after a successful login. Check out the code here!

The LoginGreeting class in the Lombiq Training Demo module

Orchard Core workshops

The contributors of Orchard Core will hold some unique online workshops in September 2020. So even with Orchard Harvest postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic we'll get some new learning events.

Are you looking to get up to speed with Orchard? Check out the workshops' details on the Orchard Core homepage!

Orchard Dojo Newsletter

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Do you know of other Orchard enthusiasts who you think would like to read our weekly articles? Tell them to subscribe here!

If you are interested in more news around Orchard and the details of the topics above, don't forget to check out the recording of this week's Orchard meeting!

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