New full_text Liquid Filter, Media Field improvements - This week in Orchard (14/11/2020)

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See the improvements of the Media Field, the new full_text Liquid Filter, the enhancements of the admin UI, and many more in our upcoming post!

Orchard Core updates

ListContent Permission as Content Type dynamic permission

Install your Orchard Core site with the Blog recipe and head to the admin UI. Navigate to the Security -> Roles and hit Edit near one of the roles. Type list in the search box that will list you some new permissions: the new ListContent permission on each Content Type. However, the global ListContent permission is of course priority over these. That means now you can decide which content items you want to list to the users in the given roles by using this dynamic permission.

The new dynamic list content permission

New full_text Liquid Filter

Now there is a new Liquid filter called full_text. This lets you extract the full-text aspect of a content item. A full-text aspect being like metadata that we can get from any content item to represent it as full text. The goal being to be able to define custom full text for custom content types that will themselves use a full text of subitems. Let's say you have a Bag Part and you want to make your full text comprised of every full text of the items that you have in the Bag Part. To do that you can do a foreach on every item in the Bag Part and then you can call into their full text to provide it.

The new full_text Liquid Filter

Sticky bars on top while scrolling

Last week we mentioned that the Features page has a new sticky bar on scrolling for very long pages instead of the scroll to top button. The good news is now more and more pages get this sticky bar on the admin UI. The Content Types page (Content -> Content Definition -> Content Types), the Content Parts page (Content -> Content Definition -> Content Parts), the Tenants page (Configuration -> Tenants), the Users page (Security -> Users), and the Recipes page (Configuration -> Recipes) are now also have a sticky bar.

Sticky header on the Content Types menu

Sticky header on the Users menu

Fix double encoding of non-HTML strings in feed

You can use the PopulateAsync method of the CommonFeedItemBuilder to build the RSS feed items using your content items. The RSS feed items have several properties like the link, guid, title, description, and so on. When we set the value of the title by calling the feedItem.Element.SetElementValue, the text that we pass will be encoded, so we don't need to encode it again, otherwise, we get it encoded twice. The same issue has been fixed in the ListFeedQuery feed query provider too.

Fix double encoding of non-HTML strings

Initializing Liquid Include Filter

There is an Include tag in Liquid that allows you to include an external Liquid file and in Fluid it's available through a FileProvider property, and in this case, the FileProvider property of the ILiquidFileProviderAccessor will be assigned to the LiquidTemplateContext. That means you can use it in your modules and your embedded assets. But how can you use that Include filter? Include your Liquid file using the {% include "Areas/TheBlogTheme/Views/Test" %} expression. This will include the Test.liquid file from the Views folder of the Blog theme.

Include Liquid Filter


New Media Field option to encrypt the image processing query string

You could see a demo last week about the new options for Media Field where you can set the alt text of your image and you can also crop your images using a nice media crop picker. The way it was working is it's putting different kinds of options to the query string that allows you to manipulate your image. Let's see the following URL for an example: https://localhost:44300/media/post-bg.jpg?width=1&height=600&rmode=crop&rxy=0.2,0.5. Here you can see we set the width and height of the image from the media library. We also set the resize mode for the processed image with other parameters as well.

Now there is a new bool option added to the MediaOptions called UseTokenizedQueryString to encrypt the image processing query string to prevent disc filling. That's true by default so you can try it out right away!

The usetokenizedquerystring bool of the mediaoptions.png

To do that just simply open the predefined blog post and view the page source in your browser. Find the header HTML tag, where you can see how Orchard Core sets the URL of the background image.

The tokenized URL of the image

And that's not all of it! If you would like to know more about this feature, don't forget to check out this recording on YouTube!

Orchard Core OpenID Connect Code Flow Api BlazorWASM

We mentioned the Blazing Orchard project two weeks ago here in This week in Orchard that is a modular application framework that turns your Blazor project into a CMS-powered Blazor application by leveraging Orchard Core as a decoupled backend/CMS server using its REST & GraphQL APIs.

In this demo, you will see a solution, that contains an updated version of Blazing Orchard that also contains OpenID Connect Authentication! Head to YouTube now to see the recording of this demo!

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