Orchard Core is in the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog, Top-level Multi-Tenancy menu - This week in Orchard (09/06/2023)

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New top-level Multi-Tenancy menu; adding docs about Common Part; and Orchard Core is now listed in the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog. Check out our post for the details!

Orchard Core updates

Add top-level Multi-Tenancy menu

Let's say you have an Orchard Core site where you already enabled the Tenants and the Tenant Feature Profiles features. By doing that you will have a set of functionalities that provides you with a way to manage tenants and their available features from the admin. These features are all related to multi-tenancy, related to tenants, and not to the other settings of the site where you can execute recipes, manage features or admin menus, and so on. So, this addition is about adding a new top-level menu called Multi-Tenancy and moving Tenants and Feature Profiles under the Multi-Tenancy menu.

Add top level Multi-Tenancy menu

Add Common Part docs

If you are not a newcomer to Orchard Core, you may know that the Common Part gives you the basics, like the owner and date-created fields. But in the past few days, someone asked a question on Twitter about how to do something, and the solution for the problem is to use the Common Part, which has some options that you can set to display the owner and the creation time, and so on. From now on, the Orchard Core Documentation site will contain a few lines about the Common Part.

Add CommonPart documentation

Orchard Core is in the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog

The Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog was built on Red Hat platforms and technologies with certified, enterprise-grade products you need to achieve your business outcomes. The developers of this catalog make it easy for you to explore and find certified products from this ample and robust ecosystem of enterprise hardware, software, and cloud and service providers. So, this is a catalog of software that is placed along their platforms.

If you go there, you will find a lot of stuff here, but for .NET developers, there isn't much familiar here. These are like lower-level hosting/cloud/server-management applications mostly. There are some blogs and CMS systems, and the goal was to include Orchard Core in this catalog. Orchard should be compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux at least, and well, if we have it here, that's one more channel people can find Orchard. And that was the purpose of this GitHub issue, to improve Orchard's visibility in a circle where it's probably unknown, outside of the .NET community. And now we have Orchard Core listed in this catalog!

Orchard Core in the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog

And we also have a new page on the Orchard Core Documentation site about how you can manage the Orchard Core Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog certification! And if you would like to know more about this topic, check out this part of the community meeting!

Managing the Orchard Core Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog certification

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