Orchard Harvest updates, Extend user permissions - This week in Orchard (24/02/2023)

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Extending user permissions, updating Localization documentation for the PO extractor tool, and fixing using a media profile the quality parameter had no effect. Check out our post for the latest updates on Orchard Harvest and a new tutorial series from Lombiq!

Orchard Core updates

Extend user permissions

Last September, you could see a demo about extending user permissions. This involved several changes in how we handle users on the site, and we added more permissions to the Users module to make it more usable and robust for many use cases:

  • List users in {0} role
  • Edit users in {0} role
  • Delete users in {0} role
  • Assign users to {0} role
  • Manage user profile settings

Also, we now have settings that would allow the user to prevent username and/or email changes on the edit screen. Here is a screenshot of the new settings.

New User Login settings

If you would like to try out the features mentioned in the linked post, now, you can do that easily by using the nightly build packages of Orchard Core!

Update Localization documentation for the extractor tool

Hisham Abdullah Bin Ateya released the stable version of the PO Extractor Tool. As you can see in the Readme, this is a dotnet global tool to extract translatable strings from the C# and VB code, Razor templates, and Liquid templates to POT (portable object template) files. It is designed to follow conventions used in the Orchard Core project.

The Localization page in the Orchard Core documentation has been updated to reflect the changes, like updating the URL of the tool and the commands that you can use to install the tool and generate PO files.

Extract translations to PO files documentation

Fix using a media profile the quality parameter had no effect

When using the Liquid filter resize_url the quality parameter of a media profile will have no effect for jpg/webp. The issue can easily be fixed by moving the quality parameter behind the format parameter.

To fix the resize_url filter a change to the ordering of parameters in OrchardCore.Media.Services.MediaProfileService.GetMediaProfileCommands(string name) is required.

Fix using a media profile the quality parameter has no effect

And here, you can see this quick fix to make the quality parameter work. Because with Dictionary the order of items is not guaranteed the fix is not regression proof. OrderedDictionary could be used as an alternative, but this would require a reference to System.Collections.Specialized in addition.

News from the community

Orchard Harvest updates

Last year we conducted a survey to help us organize this year's Orchard Harvest conference. We shared the results last month, and based on your feedback, the event will be held in North America. Mike Alhayek also reached us saying he may have the right contact needed to facilitate the event in Las Vegas. Now we needed a date for the conference, and based on the results, the best would be to hold the conference in the Q2 of 2023. If you follow the official Twitter account of Orchard, you may face a poll where the goal was to find the best date.

Harvest date Twitter poll

Based on the results, the winner is the option May 22-23 (Mon, Tue). Thanks for voting! Now the next goal is to be able to find the best location in Las Vegas. Also, we are looking for sponsors and contributors for the following:

  • T-shirts.
  • Location.
  • A meet-up after the programs.
  • Recording the presentations.
  • Renting equipment for presentations.
  • Catering.
  • Webpage (we can host the conference site on DotNest for free).

If anyone could help in any way that would be really appreciated. Please use the following thread in GitHub Discussions if you feel, you can join in organizing the upcoming Harvest, or if you want to be as updated as possible chime into the discussion! As we move forward, we will keep everyone informed of the details, and you will also find every piece in this newsletter!

New tutorial series from Lombiq: DotNest Core Tutorials

The Lombiq Hosting - Media Theme for Orchard Core repository contains an open-source project which will allow developers to host their themes in the Orchard Core Media Library, including templates and assets. The inspiration came from our public Orchard (Core) SaaS called DotNest. If you don't know it, you can use this site to sign up and get an Orchard (Core) site with two clicks for everyone. We don't vet who is signing up, so it should be safe, and it should be limited. But still, we want people to be able to have their sites as flexible as possible. And of course, there are a lot of built-in features in Orchard for that, you can do a lot from the admin. Part of the things you can do from the admin as well in a limited fashion is theming. We first wrote about the Media Theme a few weeks ago in this post.

Although you can't install custom themes on DotNest (see "Limitations") you still have a lot of control over theming. Using Media Theme you can develop themes using Liquid templates and static assets as usual, from your favorite IDE, working with a local version of your DotNest site, and deploying code to it. Please follow the guidelines of the DotNest Core SDK, and if you prefer tutorial videos instead, check out our brand-new playlist. This playlist called DotNest Core tutorials will contain 5 videos starting with how you can create your first DotNest site and we will also see how to set up your local development environment to style a DotNest site, how to use recipes to keep your local environment up to date and how to deploy your theme to your DotNest site. 3 videos are out, the 2 remaining's will be available during the weekend. Would you like to run your Orchard Core site on DotNest? Create your Orchard Core site with two clicks on DotNest!

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If you are interested in more news about Orchard and the details of the topics above, don't forget to check out the recording of this Orchard meeting!

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