Position the modal over the navbar, updated Lombiq's Open-Source Orchard Core Extensions - This week in Orchard (06/10/2023)

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Position the modal over the navbar, fixing that two alerts are displayed in admin settings to reload the current tenant, and our Open-Source Orchard Core Extensions solution is updated to Orchard Core 1.7! Check out our post for the details!

Orchard Core updates

Position the modal over the navbar

In the admin UI of Orchard Core, we are using Bootstrap modals to add dialogs for lightboxes, user notifications, or other Orchard Core-specific content, like adding deployment steps to your deployment plan. We had a UI issue regarding the modals, meaning whenever there is a large modal, the modal shows up under the top navbar.

Modal UI issue

When a modal is open, it shows the most visible. It is fixed, and now, the modal is displaying before the navbar.

Modal UI issue fix applied

Two alerts are displayed in admin settings to reload the current tenant

Some pages in Orchard Core (like /Admin/Settings/email, /Admin/Settings/localization, /Admin/Settings/SecurityHeader, which pages contain settings that will reload your current tenant if you hit Save) display two identical warning alerts: The current tenant will be reloaded when the settings are saved.

Display warning alert twice

The problem is happening because the Settings_Wrapper__General wrapper is always injected for all settings regardless of the group ID, but we should only apply the wrapper when the group is "general". Here you can see that there's a new IsGeneralGroup method in the DefaultSiteSettingsDisplayDriver that checks whether the current group ID equals "general".

Group ID check in the DefaultSiteSettingsDisplayDriver

News from the community

Updated Lombiq's Open-Source Orchard Core Extensions

This Orchard Core Visual Studio solution contains most of Lombiq's open-source Orchard modules and themes, as well as, related utilities and libraries. Please keep in mind that only those extensions included that use the latest released version of Orchard (i.e., the very cutting-edge ones depending on a nightly build are not yet here). And now, this solution has been updated to the latest and greatest 1.7 Orchard Core version.

Check them out here, and install them from NuGet or from the source! Bug reports, feature requests, comments, questions, and code contributions are warmly welcome, please do so via GitHub issues and pull requests. Please adhere to our open-source guidelines while doing so.

Included projects in Lombiq's Open-Source Orchard Core Extensions

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