Preserve browser Autofill for Bag, Flow, and WidgetList Parts, Lombiq UI Testing Toolbox - This week in Orchard (06/10/2021)

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Preserve browser Autofill for Bag, Flow, and WidgetList Parts, remove unnecessary role attributes, Lombiq UI Testing Toolbox demo, and many more coming this week! Do you want to know more? Then don't forget to check out our current post!

Orchard Core updates

Preserve browser Autofill for Bag, Flow, and WidgetList Parts

Currently, while editing a Flow/Bag/WidgetList Part, the HTML input IDs are based on the related embedded item IDs that always have different values. So we lose the browser autofill based on these HTML input IDs when editing another parent.

So, here the idea is to generate IDs that are still unique while editing in the context of a given parent item, but that is the same while editing another parent content item of the same type. This is by generating IDs using a prefix composed of the part name of a given unique/named part, a delimiter, then a number equals the number of the current item. For the WidgetList Part, we also use the related zone name in the prefix.

If you set up a site using the Agency recipe, you can check out the content of the Agency Landing Page content item, that has Bag Parts attached with prefilled data.

Unique IDs for BagParts

Remove unnecessary role attributes

Some HTML5 elements have implied WAI-ARIA roles so setting the implied roles on them explicitly is invalid HTML. Check out this link for more information: In the following screen, you can see some removals of the role attribute.

Removing role attributes


Lombiq UI Testing Toolbox

The Lombiq UI Testing Toolbox is a web UI testing toolbox mostly for Orchard Core applications. Everything you need to do UI testing with Selenium for an Orchard app is here.

UI Testing here is an automation that clicks through the web application in a browser. One of the most popular frameworks for that is Selenium, which does exactly that. You get an API to instruct a browser, and every major browser is supported. This UI Testing Toolbox providing a lot of features on top of Selenium for Orchard Core. Basically allowing you to UI test an Orchard Core application in a safe and parallelized way providing a lot of helpers, a lot of higher-level APIs allowing you to test your application with SQLite, with SQL Server with local media storage, or with Azure Blob Storage. And you can have a test e-mail sending with a local SMTP server too. Everything just works. Check out the highlights of the file of this repository to see all of the features!

Lombiq UI Testing Toolbox Readme

How it works is also demonstrated in an example project which is part of our Open-Source Orchard Core Extensions full Orchard Core solution. Just clone that repository and find the solution folder called test in it. There is a Lombiq.Tests.UI.Samples project that contains several sample UI tests where you can see how to test your application. Let's check out the LoginShouldWork test in the BasicTests.cs file!

The LoginShouldWork UI test

As you can see, here we say that first, let's navigate to the /Login relative URL. Then find the UserName and Password form fields by their IDs and fill their content with the default username and password. After the test will find the submit button of the form and click on it. And if the retrieved user name of the currently authenticated user is the default user name, our test will pass!

If you check the BrowserConfiguration file, you can see it can be used to provide some useful configuration values that can be used by the browser. For example, the value of the Headless property indicating whether the test will use the given browser in headless mode, provided that there's support for it. If you set it to false and run a given UI test by using the Test Explorer of Visual Studio, for example, you will see that the test will open up a browser where you can see the given test running.

And we are just stretching the surface of the several features that you can have using the Lombiq UI Toolbox module! Don't forget to check out this recording on YouTube to see what else the toolbox can provide!

News from the community

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Orchard Core Facebook Page

New Lombiq team member: Viktória Magyar

Viktória Magyar, our newest team member arrived! She is a developer but not Orchard Core this time, rather of our business! You can check out her full bio here!

Viktória Magyar biography

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