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UPDATE (2017-11-22): Dojo Course 2 is released with new, updated videos!

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  • Miroslav Đorđevski said Reply

    Thank you for very useful and educational videos.
    Do you plan to cover localization? There are some changes since 1.7 upgrade and it would be nice if some Orchard professional shared with rest of us his ways of making multilingual site ;)
    I think I spotted a bag. Please see and do open attachment.

  • reza said Reply

    Yes I agree . I check some of localization modules and none of them work well !!!

  • Zoltán Lehóczky said Reply

    Localization is on the list but it's not sure we'll be able to cover it in the end. We will definitely tell the most important developer-aspects but not sure about installing packages: this is fairly simple and well documented. Orchard has, however some missing parts in the localization story, that's where things get more complicated (e..g when there is more than one form of plural) but we won't be able to provide solutions for such scenarios during the course.

  • Miroslav Đorđevski said Reply

    It worked fine and it was fairly simple until 1.7 upgrade. Current version of the Orchard doesn't change lang parameter in the html tag when you switch between cultures. It always stays in default language of your site no matter which translation is displayed in the content. This probably causes some other problems like not functioning of the culture layers and navigation problems.
    Please see this item for detailed description of this problems.

    I haven't find any documentation or videos on localiyation topic referring to Orchard 1.7. There is only one video about localization and it's 2 years old. That video is not valid anymore since culture picker module is not compatible with Orchard 1.7. If you have some other sources please share it with us.

    Thank you for your time.

  • Zoltán Lehóczky said Reply

    What I meant is that what Orchard provides regarding localization OOTD (even for 1.7) is well documented here: These are just the basic features of course but due to time constraints we won't cover localization capabilities provided by third-party modules. Due to the same reason we don't deal with bugs during the Course (unless we encounter ones :-)).

    Dojo Course is intended as a general overview for starting Orchard development but is not meant to provide in-depth knowledge in specific areas (e.g. localization or extending specific modules like Projector or Workflows). We may, however, have focused workshops targeted at other topics.

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