Support comments in recipes, multitenant decoupled Blazor InteractiveServer example - This week in Orchard (05/04/2024)

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Support comments in recipes, support Create and CreateAsync in DataMigrationManager, and a demo about a Multitenant Decoupled Blazor InteractiveServer Example! Let's see the details!

Orchard Core updates

Support comments in recipes

The recipe reader doesn't support comments in JSON (it's a mode that isn't turned on). This can be annoying when you have a lot of recipes and need to make notes in them as to why you did something.

It's because System.Text.Json by default doesn't support comments. We parse using JOptions.Document that is not configured to allow comments. From now on, the settings of the JOptions have been changed to allow comments in recipes.

Support comments in recipes

Support Create and CreateAsync in DataMigrationManager

You could run into a problem with data migrations: your migrations may not proceed after a module's initialization. The reason for that could be a change of synchronous code to asynchronous. It can happen because you may forget to add the Async suffix in the CreateAsync method.

That could be OK, but there is inconsistency in the behavior of UpdateFromX(Async) and Create(Async). Updates work correctly no matter what suffix but Create does not. Now, this behavior has been unified; both Create and CreateAsync methods are now supported.

Support Create and CreateAsync in DataMigrationManager


Multitenant Decoupled Blazor InteractiveServer Example

In this demo, you can see how to use Orchard Core in a decoupled scenario. There's also a discussion under a GitHub PR to add a Blazor guide for decoupled CMS. Sijmen Koffeman decided to follow this guide and make this a multi-tenant application because that would be very interesting to do in his current situation where he maintains a line of business applications that they provide to several tenants.

Multitenant Decoupled Blazor InteractiveServer Example

He took the example from the guide and made it further, and that works so far. In his demo, you can do a deep dive into the code that sits inside the Orchard Core Multitenant Decoupled Blazor InteractiveServer Example repository to see the current state of this work. Head to YouTube for a recording to know more!

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