Support multipart content type with email service, UNION and UNION ALL clause support - This week in Orchard (20/07/2021)

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A new OrchardCore.Email.Core project, support multipart content type with email service, a brand new Orchard Core site using Stripe.Js and Azure Functions and many more are waiting for you in our upcoming post!

Orchard Core updates

New OrchardCore.Email.Core project

We don't have an OrchardCore.Email.Core project that is something similar to feeds and other functionality. Now the default implementation of the ISmtpService is in its own project, that is the OrchardCore.Email.Core one.

The new OrchardCore.Email.Core project

Support multipart content type with email service

Right now when we send an email as HTML by checking the Does the Body contain HTML checkbox option on the email task it will be sent only in HTML. Some email software will often transfer these emails as plain text so we should provide also a plain-text version of the email for the email software to be able to use. This way, we can provide two different Body versions of the email.

The solution could be that when the Does the Body contain HTML checkbox is checked we should have a second Body (plain-text) text field to provide the email as plain text. Check out the following email example below to see that the email now could contain an HTML version of the body and a plain text version of the body too.

From: [email protected]
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2021 17:34:43 -0400
Subject: Test
Message-Id: <OUJBALN63EU4.IS3IGSIZUPB3@skrypt>
Sender: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Reply-To: [email protected]
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary="=-9nfRnDakF+Ib69kpAIdY3A=="

Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8
Test text

Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8

<p>Test html</p>

You can achieve this by creating a new Email task in your workflow, put a tick in these two checkboxes and provide the body texts of the email message.

The updated Email task

Refactoring SelectPart Vue to make it reusable

If you have multiple SelectParts on a page, (e.g. a Form FlowPart with multiple Select widgets), then only the first one will actually have a working editor in the edit page or will render options correctly on the display.

It has to do with each of the generated SelectOptionsTable/Modal Vue components relying on the same template ID regardless of which widget content item ID they actually correspond to.

And it wasn't a huge deal to reproduce this bug. You just needed to run the Blog recipe and turn on the Forms feature. This allows you to add multiple Select widgets to a form's FlowPart. Now, this issue has been fixed.

UNION and UNION ALL clause support

Now you have support for UNION and UNION ALL clauses in SQL queries. It's not the first time when we have new SQL contracts in the SQL parser. And the ShouldParseUnionClause test in the SqlParserTests.cs file is just about checking that the dialect is generated the correct UNION and UNION ALL which is common to every dialect we use.

The ShouldParseUnionClause unit test to test the UNION and UNION ALL clauses


Using Stripe.Js + Azure Functions with Orchard Core

Real Estate end Development is a site that chooses Orchard Core to implement its web appearance. You can register and have a subscription and can also purchase some magazines. The site uses Azure Functions and Stripe.Js to create customers for example with all the necessary inputs. And the flow continues to create a new subscription to that user and so on.

The registration workflow of the eRed site

If you would like to see the site in action, check out the following demo on YouTube!

News from the community

Orchard Core articles on .NET Thailand

.NET Thailand houses several articles regarding several topics around .NET. Here you can see nice articles about how can debug your code using Chrome DevTool, Visual Studio, or VS Code, or how you can work Docker. And the site also contains some articles about Orchard Core too! For example, you can read a nice one here about how to create a content type and a content item programmatically or how to create a custom Orchard Core module from scratch.

.NET Thailand create a custom Orchard Core module

Lombiq Helpful Libraries: ContentVersionNumberService

The Lombiq Helpful Libraries consist of several various libraries that can be handy when developing for Orchard Core CMS, to be used from your own Orchard modules. This time we will see some helpful services and extensions regarding content item version numbers.

Sometimes you may want to know the latest or the current version number of a given content item. To get the version ID, you need to create a new query and query the content items using the ContentItemIndex table and get the value of the ContentItemVersionId column from there. Using our GetLatestVersionNumberAsync and GetCurrentVersionNumberAsync methods from the default implementation of the IContentVersionNumberService interface, you can easily get the version IDs just by injecting this to your code and provide the ID of a content item. Or use the extension methods where you can get the version ID by providing an IContent.

The ContentVersionNumberService in the Lombiq HelpfulLibraries solution

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