This week in Orchard - 02/22/2019

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This week in Orchard

We have no Orchard Podcast this week but don't worry, we can serve with information about new releases. Did I use plural here? Well, yes.

On Orchard 1.x

Orchard 1.10.3 pre-release

The 1.10.3 version of Orchard 1.x is now in the pre-release state. It means this version needs some more testing, before going to production. The documentation and the release notes will arrive soon too!

You can find the pre-release here! This version is created by Benedek Farkas from Lombiq!

On Orchard Core

Added documentation for meta tags

Meta tags are available to use in Orchard Core for a while and now you can find documentation in ReadTheDocs about how to use them in Liquid and Razor.

A simple meta tag consist of a name and a content. But as you can see in the snip, you can define the http-equiv and the charset attribute of the tag too. And you can use a separator when multiple tags are defined for the same name.

The shape_cache liquid tag

By using the shape_cache liquid tag, you can set the caching parameters of a shape. Let's say you would like to cache a shape, that has an ID my-shape for 5 minutes. In the screen below, you could see how to do that using liquid.

Orchard Core Beta 3

If you head to the GitHub repository of Orchard Core and filter the issues with the beta3 milestone, you will see that there aren't any issues left. Now the community can look into testing and shipping the new release of the CMS. Hope the Beta 3 release will come soon!

Updating dependencies

The community always try to use the newest version of the ASP.NET Core. For now, the version of the Microsoft.AspNetCore.All package has been updated from 2.2.1. to 2.2.2.

On Lombiq

Building a website for the Biomedical Optics community - Virtual Photonics Technology Initiative website case study

The Virtual Photonics Technology Initiative uses Orchard CMS on DotNest too! See the case study by Lisa Malenfant from the Beckman Laser Institute and Medical Clinic here.

New sites added to Show Orchard

Added a couple of Orchard sites to the collection in Show Orchard! Check them out at the top

  • Vita Orthopedics as a manufacturing and importing company specialized in orthopedic and rehabilitation products since 1984.
  • The Port Adelaide Cycling Club (PACC) was established in 1885 and has faithfully and proudly served the Adelaide cycling community for over 130 years.

Send in your exemplary Orchard sites to [email protected] and we'll publish them too!

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  • Jean said Reply

    Why would you put a `var newWindow =;` event on `<a ..>` tags?
    This breaks opening tabs in the background.

  • Zoltán Lehóczky said Reply

    We put that on external links only. What browser are you using? Maybe some overly sensitive popup blocker dislikes that, but there is no issue in the latest Chrome.

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