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There was no Orchard Podcast this week, but we have lots of news around Orchard Core and new PRs that will be added to Orchard Core soon!

On Orchard Core

The Arabic translation for Orchard Core is ready

A few weeks ago Hisham Bin Ateya and Abdullah Salem have started to work on the Arabic translation for Orchard Core. Thanks to their hard work, the Arabic translation is now ready! This is the second language that has been completed after the French language, which is the main language for many of the core team. Now it's time to test those translations!

Order TimeZone list by name

When you would like to set the default time zone for your site under Configuration -> Settings -> General you had to select the preferred timezone from a list that wasn't ordered. Now thanks to this PR you can set the value of the time zone using a list that contains ordered values.

New user created event and assign user to role task to workflows

Soon you can use two brand new activities when constructing your workflows in Orchard Core. The first one called User created, which is surprisingly fired when a user created. The second one is about assigning a role to a user. Let's say we attached this task after the user created event. In this case, when you edit this task, you can say that assign the Authenticated role for the user that has been created just now.

In the following workflow, we do the following and show success or failed notification just for demonstration purposes.

GitHub authentication

Thanks to Michael Petrinolis when this PR will be merge, you can authenticate yourself in Orchard Core using GitHub, by adding this provider to the list of supported external providers soon. Let's see how this feature will work!

First, you need to create a new GitHub App. To do that, head to the GitHub Apps page in the Developer settings and hit New GitHub App. Here you need to provide the name of your GitHub app, the full URL to your GitHub App's website and a user authorization callback URL. Don't forget to generate a private key. After you will get a Client ID and a Client secret. You will need them in the next step.

Now you can navigate to Orchard Core admin site and enable the Github Authentication feature. After that, you can notice the Github Authentication option under Github in the menubar. Copy your values here and hit save.

Now let's open a new incognito window and navigate to the admin page. Here you can see the GitHub, as another service to log in. Provide the username and the password of a GitHub account to sign in.

Now Orchard Core asks you to create a new account based on the user information you have just provided in the previous step. If you click on Register your user account will be created in Orchard Core and you will be able to log in using your newly created account.

For note, let's see what happens if a user tries to login with an external provider, and registration is enabled:

  • If the external provider provides an email claim, we search for an existing account with that email.
  • If not found, a new OC Account is created based on the username, email, and password provided by the user.
  • If found, we request the password of the OC Account in order to link the external login.
  • There is a PR that takes into consideration the email must confirmed parameter, if we request a password in order to create a local Account from external login, and also uses the ReCaptcha.

There is a front page (OrchardCore.Users/Account/ExternalLogins) where you can link/unlink OC account with external providers. Of course, is not complete, we must decide how this is integrated with profile/account info in admin/front end. Regarding the GitHub, you must select to use your email in public and select which one of the verified emails will be included in the claims.

External Login registration without password

As you noticed in the previous section when you create a new account using an external login provider you have to provide a password to create the user account in Orchard Core. There is a PR to add a setting to register external users without requesting a local password.

In this PR, Michael Petrinolis also implements the way to generate a username instead of parsing claims from external login info and to integrate ReCaptcha in External Login Registration.

Facebook module

OrchardCore.Facebook provides the following features:

  • Core Components
  • Facebook Login

First, you need to enable the Users Registrations module and put a tick in the Users can create new accounts on the site checkbox under Configuration -> Settings -> Registration, because we will create a new user account based on the details provided in the Facebook log in page.

To register the Facebook App with the site you need to provide the following settings:

  • AppId: Facebook application id.
  • AppSecret: The application secret.

Both settings are available in the Facebook for developers application's page, under Basic Settings.

Now enable the Facebook Login module and add these values to Orchard Core. The configuration can be set through the Configuration -> Facebook -> Application menu in the admin dashboard.

Now you can log in in your site using a Facebook account, where you can get a familiar screen.

After that, you can create your new account in Orchard Core that you can use to log in to Orchard.

But the PR is not just about authenticating users from Facebook. If you head to the modules, you will find a feature called Facebook Social Plugins Widgets. Let's enable it!

Let's say you installed your site using the Blog recipe. In this case, you have a Page content type with a FlowPart attached to it. Create a new Page and hit on the Add Widget button. Here you will see several new widgets that you can attach to your content type that has a FlowPart attached, like Facebook Comments, Facebook Share, Facebook Like and many more.

If you publish or preview your page you will see that the widgets are displayed in your page.

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