This week in Orchard - 09/13/2019

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Lots of PRs merged to Orchard Core this week again coming with new fixes, and features. You could also read about the new way how you could use the localization packages in Orchard Core soon. Check out our current post for more!

On Orchard Core

Editor direction should respect the Localization Part culture

Everything that is editable (like TextField, TitlePart, etc.) will now be configured whatever the content item's culture is. There is a new helper method, called GetContentCultureAsync that gets the CultureAspect of a content item, that will provide the CultureInfo of the content item. If you have the Localization module enabled, it will set it using the LocalizationPart of the content item (otherwise it will use the default culture of the site).

Add Properties Dictionary to IShape interface

We decided to provide a Properties bag on the IShape interface where you can put anything on a shape. You can do it in Orchard 1.x and in Orchard Core too, but only if the shape is a dynamic object.

The readme file is updated about how can you do that using Liquid.

Clean double encoding

Use the tag helper instead of the ActionLink when working with localized strings. Every time when you have an ActionLink with a localized string it will be double encoded because the ActionLink only accepts a string.

OrchardCore.Translations Repository

In this repository, you can see a Localization folder that contains the localization for each culture for each module. Crowdin sends pull request to this repository whenever is a new translation is available. It creates new commits with every change and then AppVeyor will build the changes and this will build NuGet packages for every language. Each NuGet package will only contain the localization files for the given language. We publish the NuGet packages to MyGet prefixed with beta3. Once the dev will be merged to master it will move to

There is also a meta-package called OrchardCore.Translations.All, that contains all the other languages. If you just point this package, you can translate your admin in any language automatically. Of course, you need to add the given language as a supported one.

.NET Conf 2019

There will be the .NET Conf soon, which is a 3-day virtual developer event co-organized by the .NET community and Microsoft. Sébastien submitted a talk about Orchard Core modularity and multitenancy and he is able to speak! At September 24 at 00:00 (UTC) he will be speaking about building modular, multi-tenant ASP.NET Core apps with Orchard Core framework. Don't forget to join!

Starting a new project with Orchard Core

Garry Woodfine, an experienced full-stack developer has just started to work with Orchard Core. In this blog post, he writes about how you can build new Web Applications with Orchard Core, install Orchard CLI and start your CMS Website.

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If you are interested in more news around Orchard and the details of the topics above, don't forget to check out the recording of this week's Orchard meeting!

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