This week in Orchard - 11/09/2018

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This week in Orchard

The GraphQL for Orchard Core is merged to dev and a new reCaptcha module will come to prevent abuse! Check out our post for the latest news around Orchard Core!

On Orchard Core

Added deployment plan and recipe support for media

Let's introduce a new deployment step called Media where you can export all or specified media items. You can select folders or media items and they will be added automatically to the deployment plan. If you add new media items later on, they would be also included in the next deployments.

In the recipes there was a Base64 property before, that loads a file in memory converted to Base64 and put it in the JSON document. Now the new SourcePath property actually streaming the file to the destination. So, we are not copying the file to the memory anymore. When we have a media step, you say which media you need from the file system(SourcePath) and where to put it in the media provider(TargetPath).


Media Layout improvements

The look of the media layout improved a lot for a better usability. To check the new layout, navigate to the Content -> Assets menu.
There is a new plus icon to create a folder near the Media Library.
You can move the images between folders using drag and drop.
You can switch between list view and grid view. In the grid view you can have large thumbs or small thumbs as well.
You can filter by file names and have a breadcrumb to navigate between folders.

GraphQL improvements

The GraphQL module is merged to dev now! In the latest post we mentioned the improvements of the GraphQL module, let's have a quick look about what new features have been added to it since last week.

Now status accepts ALL, that lists both published and draft content items.

Logical expressions: you can combine more than one predicates inside the where, that will work like an AND. In this case you don't need to type the AND keyword. But you could say you want an OR, that you can also do of course. You can also mix the logical expressions like we did in the last query called mixedLogicalExpressions.

ReCaptcha module

You will have three new different modules for reCaptcha:

  • ReCaptcha
  • ReCaptcha User Login
  • ReCaptcha Register New Account

The ReCaptcha module provides the base functionality for ReCaptcha.

The ReCaptcha User Login will put a captcha to the Login screen after the user tried to login six times in a row with invalid login attempts.

If you enable the ReCaptcha Register New Account module, you will get a Captcha on the registration page as you can see here.

To work with reCaptcha you need to provide the Site Key and the Secret Key (that you can get from here) under the Settings -> ReCaptcha menu.

The ReCaptcha support for Orchard Core is in still under development thanks to Matthijs Krempel. The next feature from him is to include reCaptcha on the Forgot password page too.

For the full demos and other topics around Orchard don't forget to check out the recording of this week's Orchard Podcast!

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