This week in Orchard - 7/12/2018

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This week in Orchard

We have no Orchard meeting this week, because it 'conflicts with the World Cup and they didn’t want to cancel'. :) So, let's see the most important news of this week.

On Orchard Core

Let’s see some numbers of the Beta 2 release of Orchard Core. If you visit the NuGet Gallery, you will find that more than 250 user downloads the OrchardCore.Mvc.Core Nuget, and there are numerous downloads for the previous releases as well.

If you type OrchardCore in to the search box of the NuGet Gallery you can find that there are 137 packages mainly from Sébastien Ros of course, but there are other packages as well, for instance the Disqus.OrchardCore module, that allows you to add comments on a content type.

There aren’t any new commits in the dev branch of Orchard Core, but the contributors pushing the features and fixes in their branches industriously. For instance there are several commits in the culture-settings branch to implement a feature that will allow to set the allowed cultures and the default one in the admin.

In GitHub you can find the issues that marked with the beta3 tag. These are the planned features and fixes that would be included in the Beta 3 release of Orchard Core that has an estimated due date in 3rd of September. There are about 100 open issues left, so carry on and pick some to work on!

If you have any questions or you are just interested in the discussion around Orchard Core, feel free to drop on Orchard Cores dedicated Gitter.

On Lombiq

Orchard Dojo Newsletter

Maybe you haven’t heard about it yet: last week Lombiq announced the Orchard Dojo Newsletter. If you subscribe to this newsletter you will get an e-mail every time when a new post published to Orchard Dojo, including ‘This week in Orchard’ of course.

So, if you want to keep up to date with Orchard news, subscribe to Lombiq’s Orchard Dojo Newsletter!

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