This week in Orchard - 7/19/2018

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This week in Orchard

We have no Orchard meeting this week, but the development of Orchard continues.

On Orchard 1.x

We have two fixes in Orchard 1.x thanks to Chaleomkiat Munkong. Firstly, he fixed an error in ContainerSettings while editor validating, that comes when attaching a ContainerPart to a content type that has too many parts inside and some of these parts has settings with input validation. When saving with invalid value, you will get an exception. You can see that fix here.

This issue also comes up while validating the values of Date Time Fields, so now we also have a fix for that.

On Orchard Core

Orchard Core has much more fixes and improvements since the latest post, so let’s check some of those.

Matias fixed the content ownership on agency.recipe.json. If you head to the commit, you can realize that the values of the owner and author are no longer hardcoded null or admin, now that comes from the AdminUsername parameter.

Antoine fixed an issue, where he set’s the value of the Font Awesome to version 4 on TheBlogTheme, because in the case of version 5, the brand icons need a fab prefix.

Orchard Core has more detailed documentation than Orchard 1.x, and of course spelling and grammar issues could occur. In this commit Ryan fixed a huge amount of spelling and grammar issues of the documentation.

If you are interested in every new commit of the dev branch, head to the GitHub repository of Orchard Core!

On Lombiq

Orchard Dojo Newsletter

Maybe you haven’t heard about it yet: Lombiq announced the Orchard Dojo Newsletter. If you subscribe to this newsletter you will get an e-mail every time when a new post published to Orchard Dojo, including ‘This week in Orchard’ of course.

So, if you want to keep up to date with Orchard news, subscribe to Lombiq’s Orchard Dojo Newsletter!

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