Upgrade the Default Theme to use Bootstrap 5.3.2, migrating an Orchard 1 DotNest site to Orchard Core - This week in Orchard (03/11/2023)

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Upgrading the Default Theme to use Bootstrap 5.3.2, adding placeholder for Taxonomy Part and Taxonomy Field Settings, and a case study about migrating an Orchard 1 DotNest site to Orchard Core! Check out our post for the details!

Orchard Core updates

Upgrade the Default Theme to use Bootstrap 5.3.2

Last week we mentioned that the admin theme of Orchard Core has been upgraded to use Bootstrap 5.3.2. Now the Default Theme also utilizes this version of Bootstrap, and the same improvements are applied here as for the admin theme. Now, you can use the same Bootstrap version for a front-end theme and a back-end theme. It also affects performance because from now on you don't have to worry about loading or caching two different libraries. The front-end theme now also has a theme toggler, so you can easily switch between a light theme and a dark theme, and if you want to implement your color, you can add your theme and use that for the admin and the front-end theme, as well.

In this case, we set up our site with the Software as a Service recipe because the default Site theme here is the TheTheme. As you can see in the GIF, both the back-end and the front-end theme have three modes, and you can easily switch between them.

Switching themes

Add placeholder for Taxonomy Part and Taxonomy Field Settings

When adding a new Taxonomy, the Term Content Type dropdown by default selected the very first content type that is available in the menu because there is no placeholder. This happens because we do not have an option with no value.

By default, we should have a placeholder so that the user knows that they need to select a value. Also, the Term Content Type should be a required field, and the Title Part should be required by default. Also, in the TaxonomyFieldSettings, we have the same missing-placeholder problem.

And now these issues have been fixed. Here, we have a site set up with the Blog recipe. We edited the definition with the Blog Post content type and added a Taxonomy Field to it. When we hit Edit near our newly added Taxonomy Field, you can see the Select a Taxonomy placeholder in the dropdown.

Taxonomy Field settings placeholder

And if you create a new Taxonomy content item, you can see another placeholder in the Term Content Type dropdown.

Term Content Type placeholder

News from the community

Show Orchard case study: Migrating an Orchard 1 DotNest site to Orchard Core

Maybe you have already heard about Show Orchard. Show Orchard is a website for showing representative Orchard CMS (and now Orchard Core) websites all around the internet. It was started by Ryan Drew Burnett, but since he doesn't work with Orchard anymore, as announced earlier, it is now maintained by our team at Lombiq Technologies. If we add a new website to Show Orchard, we always announce it in the This week in Orchard series. Like we just did a few weeks ago when we added the website of Property Brokers, which is New Zealand's largest regional real estate agency.

Though the Show Orchard website is simplistic in its design, migrating data and re-implementing various elements presented its own set of challenges. Nonetheless, we are pleased to announce that the site is now seamlessly operating on DotNest Core. Our next step is to transition all of our remaining DotNest sites to Core as well.

If you're considering migrating your Orchard 1 website to DotNest Core, this is an excellent time. Should you have any questions or encounter challenges, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We're always ready to bring our expertise to your unique project needs. Get in touch with us today, and let's start making your Orchard Core website even better! And don't forget to check out our case study about the details of the migration!

Show Orchard case study: Migrating an Orchard 1 DotNest site to Orchard Core

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