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Dojo Course is almost over, so we move on to the spicy parts of the Orchard API that enable you to do really interesting things!

  • An in-depth recap on what we did so far in our PersonList feature.
  • Content querying: using Orchard's LINQ-like API, the IContentManager service to retreive content pieces (including usage and optimization points).
  • How to integrate your features into the administration menu?
  • Running code periodically using background tasks.
  • Running code at a specified time using scheduled tasks.
  • Creating system-wide event handlers to be able to communicate with other pieces of logic in an even more loosely tied way.
  • And a little addition to migrations: you can implement an Uninstall method in your Migrations class to add some logic which will run when your feature is being removed from a system (hopefully nobody will use it ;) ).
  • Stay tuned for the (really) last part of the Dojo Course before Christmas!

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