Advanced content management

  • Search and indexing (see the official docs for a guide on this)
    • Enabling Lucene; what is an indexing service (eg. Lucene)
    • Enabling a content type for full-text (content type editor)
    • Creating and configuring an index
  • Forms, Liquid and Workflows
    • An overview of Workflows features
    • Overview of Liquid
    • Creating a new Liquid Template by displaying the attached media of a Media Field ( ContentType__MediaField )
    • Using Forms, using ReCaptcha to prevent spam
    • Demo: creating a workflow that displays a greeting for users upon logon, displaying their name with Liquid ( Hello {{User.Identity.Name}}! )
    • Demo: creating a workflow that displays the site name for users upon logon with Liquid ( Welcome to {{Site.SiteName}}! )
    • Demo: creating a contact form and handling form posts with a workflow. See the official docs on this.
  • Auditing content with Audit Trail

Time requirement: 2h 30m

Dependencies: Intermediate content management

Parent topic: Core concepts and basic usage

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