Getting started with theme development

  • Structure (i.e. "Anatomy of a theme"):
    • Explaining Theme.txt: BaseTheme and Zones
    • Theme.png
  • Command line scaffolding
  • Shapes:
    • Notion of shapes, tree of shapes
    • The notion and use of the Layout shape (and the Document shape), checking it out with the debugger
    • Using Shape Tracing
    • Shape templates and important view variables (e.g. WorkContext, Layout, Model), T-strings
    • Alternates and overrides (templates, stylesheets, scripts); Url Alternates and Widget Alternates
    • Writing editor and display shape templates, explaining Model object usage
    • Ad-hoc shapes
  • Static resources: styles/scripts (how to include/require them) and resource manifests

Time requirement: 2h 0m

Dependencies: none

Parent topic: Theme development

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