Dojo Course 3 - the full Orchard Core tutorial

The Dojo Course 3 is here, the one and only full Orchard Core CMS video tutorial, for users and developers alike! Here's what you need to get around:

  • Dojo Course 3 YouTube playlist: All the video tutorials are here, in the recommended viewing order. Note that the video descriptions may contain links if any were mentioned in the video.
  • Dojo Course 3 demo project: The full source code of the project that we've developed during the course.
  • Training Demo for Orchard Core: Are you hungry for more Orchard Core knowledge? Or do you like to learn by reading code instead of watching videos? The Training Demo is a functional Orchard Core module with fully documented code that guides you to become an Orchard developer. All the developer-level knowledge included in the Dojo Course 3 is in there, and much more.
  • Walkthroughs for Orchard Core: Do you want to learn about the most important Orchard Core features with a hands-on tutorial that guides you with interactive tooltips, right there in Orchard Core? Check out this module, or try it out right away on DotNest, after setting up your site with the Walkthroughs recipe.

Do you still want more training? We'd be happy to provide you customized Orchard Core training, just as we've done it for individual developers and huge companies' teams alike. Check out our Orchard Core training options.