Orchard Core training packages

Although our Orchard trainings are always tailor-made to suite the client's or attendees' needs, also regarding the training's content, we have compiled the below training packages that represent reasonably-sized units of knowledge. These packages are based on the topics of our training guidelines. Note that while we're detailing Orchard Core trainings, similar topics are also available for Orchard 1.x

Would you like to get trained in Orchard Core or are you looking for training for your team? Don't hesitate to contact us!

User training

Covers aspects of Orchard that users should know for day to day content management. The user training is also advised for testers.

Theme developer training

For developers only interested in custom themes for Orchard applications.

Developer training

Aimed at developers who want to know the most important aspects of Orchard module development.

In addition to the User training it covers the followings:

Advanced developer training

Developers can acquire a broad range of Orchard module development skills with this training. The training requires strong knowledge of Orchard and basic development techniques.

In addition to the Developer training:

Team training

Especially for teams developing Orchard based web applications this training gives knowledge for more efficient team work. This package has a dedicated training topic.

Orchard operator training

We believe that specialists who operate the systems running Orchard applications (e.g. databases, web servers) can do their job best if they have a basic understanding of how Orchard works. This training gives participants knowledge to better optimize the underlying hardware and software so Orchard runs happier.

Trainer training

Trainers should not only have strong knowledge of the areas they teach but also be able to effectively pass on the knowledge. This special training aims to enhance the communication and teaching skills of the participants as well as getting them familiar with some basic training methodologies.