Benedek Farkas

I'm interested in IT since the year of 6, when I joined an after-school computer class during the first year of elementary school. My interest got more serious (and then became a passion) during secondary school and I decided to join two paid courses related to web-development and programming.

After that I started studying Computer Science and I met new friends, Zoltán among them. Forming a good team, we participated in several programming contests with success and later we founded the Orchard Hungary Community and started to work with Orchard and in its community.

I consider the first Orchard conference (Orchard Harvest 2012 in Los Angeles) one of the great events of my life, where I got the chance to be one of the presenters (see my video). But most importantly, the founding of Lombiq, our Orchard-related company is a big opportunity and motivation to write quality code and satisfy our customers.

You can reach out to me via these channels: GitHub, LinkedIn.

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