Intensive Orchard Core training for the In Motion team

Start Date: 6/15/2020 2:00:00 AM

End Date: 6/24/2020 2:00:00 AM

We recently had the opportunity to provide a five-day intensive Orchard Core training for the team of In Motion. Due to the pandemic, this happened online of course.

In Motion is an IT service provider focusing on the insurance, telco, banking, retail, and government sector. They've selected Orchard Core as the platform for their next big project and required some help to get their team going. We were happy to help!

Building on the training guidelines of our open-source Orchard Dojo Library for Orchard Core we've compiled a customized training plan: During the first few sessions, we've covered the basic concepts of Orchard as well as its user-facing features with not just developers but also business analysts and domain experts from In Motion's team. Following that, we've gone through the basics of Orchard Core theme and module development, custom content development, and a variety of the most important Orchard APIs. During the course of the training, we frequently had discussions and explored questions of the attendees.

What does Antonio Guzmán Buscemi, Manager of Product Development of In Motion say about the results of the training?

We needed an in-depth study of Orchard so as to make the best possible development decisions early on. We were concerned about how long the learning process would take, but thanks to Lombiq this was an easy and rapid process. Lombiq has deep knowledge of Orchard and an excellent training program.

Do you have a team that you want to quickstart with Orchard Core? Book a training with us!

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