Orchard CMS Theme Development Tutorial For Beginners

Start Date: 4/29/2014 5:47:00 PM

End Date:

In this course, You will learn the following things :

  1. Get Started with Orchard CMS Theme Development
  2. How to use Orchard CMS Command-Line Scaffolding
  3. How to create themes in Orchard CMS
  4. What are Shapes and How to override Shapes in Orchard
  5. What are Part Templates (Overriding Part Templates)
  6. What are EditorTemplates (Overriding EditorTemplate for Parts)
  7. How to override Widgets
  8. Placement.info : Placing shapes in a specific zone with a weight/position
  9. Placement.info : Matching(DisplayType, ContentType, Path)
  10. How to create a Nuget package for your Orchard Theme

Note 1 : This course is about Orchard CMS Theme Development and not about Web UI Designing. So, Join this course to learn Orchard CMS and not Web Designing though we will be using Twitter Bootstrap CSS Framework in this course in order to give a good structure to our Orchard CMS Theme.

Note 2 : This course is a Beginners course for anybody new to Orchard CMS. Theme creation in this course will be done by Overriding Shape Templates and Part Templates using the Shape Tracing and Url Alternates features in Orchard.

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