Orchard CMS Tutorial : Workflows in Orchard CMS

Start Date: 7/17/2014 5:50:00 PM

End Date:

The Workflows Module in Orchard provides us tools to create custom workflows for events or activities like Content Created, Content Published, Content Removed, Send Email, Timer and many more.

This course shows you how to get started with Workflows in Orchard CMS. And the course consists of 7 Demo tutorial videos on Workflows and how to use workflows to create your own custom workflows for the following things :

  • Custom Form Submission + Notification using Workflows
  • Page Published if created by Admin if not Notify the administrator
  • Closing Comments using Workflows
  • Redirecting user after form submission using Workflows
  • Assigning roles for new registering user using Workflows
  • Comments Moderation Notification using Workflows
  • Comments Removal User Notification using Workflows

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