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  • Checking your infoset data consistency after upgrading from 1.x to 1.8+

    Database, Advanced, Upgrade, InfoSet, Orchard 1.x, Orchard 1.8, Query

    Many Orchard developers, including ourselves act as early adopters of the Orchard source and use the code from the 1.x and other work-in-progress branches. While it gives us the opportunity to try the new features and get the latest bugfixes, some changes introduce important bugs every now and then. That was the case lately on the 1.x branch, when a problem surfaced regarding the infoset storage: for shifted, versionable content parts the infoset data was not saved in the ContentItemVersionRecord table, but into the ContentItemRecord table instead. Sébastien discovered this issue before 1.8 release and provided a method to fix it.

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