Improve workflows page load time, Cloudflare CDN and protection for all DotNest sites - This week in Orchard (18/08/2023)

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Rename Microsoft Azure Active Directory to Microsoft Entra ID; improve workflows page load time, and announce Cloudflare CDN and protection for all DotNest sites! Let's see the details in our post!

Orchard Core updates

Rename Microsoft Azure Active Directory to Microsoft Entra ID

A few weeks ago, Microsoft announced significant milestones for identity and network access, including the news that Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is becoming Microsoft Entra ID. We have Azure AD integration in Orchard Core, and in order to authenticate users with Azure AD, you must enable and configure the OrchardCore.MicrosoftAuthentication.AzureAD and the OrchardCore.Users.Registration features. You can read more about the details here. So, due to Microsoft's recent rebranding, Azure AD has been renamed to Microsoft Entra ID. This only concerns UI labels and documentation, but technical identifiers remain, so you shouldn't expect anything breaking.

Microsoft Entra ID documentation

Improve workflows page load time

It takes several seconds to load the /Admin/Workflows/Types and /Admin/Workflows/Types/{TypeId}/Instances pages when there are a fairly large number (testing size: 500_000) rows in WorkflowIndex.

There is a line in WorkflowTypeController that goes through the whole table of WorkflowIndex to then calculate (group by) in the code how many workflows are there per each type. In WorkflowController line 124 with the await query.CountAsync() it is for the same purpose but for only one workflow type, but this uses some additional joins which makes it even slower.

You can easily reproduce this by having a fairly large number of finished workflows. Load the workflows page, or the type-specific workflow item list page and see that it takes several seconds to load.

This issue has been fixed by removing the counting of each workflow type on the workflows listing page. And on the workflow instances list page changed to only fetch the document table for the workflows that are on the current page.

Improve workflows page load time

News from the community

Cloudflare CDN and protection for all DotNest sites

Last week you could read that we published a case study about migrating the content of an old version of an Orchard Core website with a custom theme and modifications in the business logic of the Orchard Core Commerce module to DotNest. You can check out the case study here about how we achieved this with Ik wil een tart, a confectionery in the Netherlands!

And now all DotNest sites are protected and sped up by Cloudflare! Head to the DotNest blog and check out the details here!

Cloudflare CDN and protection for all DotNest sites

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