Orchard Core 1.0 release - This week in Orchard (27/07/2021)

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We are thrilled to announce that Orchard Core 1.0 is now available! Check out this post to know everything about the latest release of Orchard Core. In the upcoming weeks, we will check out the newest features and additions of Orchard Core 1.0. Let's get started!

Orchard Core updates

Turn The Default Theme LoginMenu into a shape for easier overriding

It was a partial view. While you can override this from a child theme, you can't override it from admin-edited Templates. So this is about changing it into a shape. Now the LoginMenu shape it's in the TheTheme theme, and it can be easily customized.

The new LoginMenu shape

Added more clarity about how migrations work

When you are new to Orchard Core, you may be struggling with the concept of migrations while developing a module for the first time. That information on this very important topic is scattered, so brunoAltinet decided to propose a separate section for data migrations. Now you will find a new page on the Orchard Core documentation about: what are data migrations, how to add migrations to your custom module, and you will also find an example that showcases three different data migrations (recipe migration, creating a map index, creating content type and updating content type).

Data Migrations page on the documentation

Fix Connection String input styles

When you set up a site or a tenant in Orchard Core, the first thing you will see is the Setup screen. The Setup screen contains a few questions that you need to answer to configure your site. And the connection string is one of them. We used the input-group-append class here but we should not be using a form-select and input-group-append, because that is deprecated in Bootstrap 5.

The Connection String input on the setup screen

Add signal_url description

Many activities have settings that can contain either JavaScript or Liquid syntax. These types of fields allow you to enter Liquid markup, enabling access to system-wide variables and filters as well as variables from the workflow execution context. We have a table of the JavaScript functions that are available by default to any activity that supports scripts expressions. The signalUrl function was missing from this table, but now you can find that here too!

Added the signalUrl function to documentation

News from the community

Orchard Core 1.0

Orchard Core 1.0 is released! If you open up nuget.org and search for the OrchardCore.Application.Cms.Targets package, you will find the first released version of Orchard Core!

The Releases page of the documentation is also updated that now contains version 1.0 with some breaking changes and the new features. Upgrade your solution to 1.0 now! Feel free to drop on the dedicated Gitter chat and ask questions!

The Releases page on the Orchard Core Documentation site

A new website using Orchard Core: Wings Over Water

The Wings Over Water movie tells the story of the epic journeys of three amazing bird families – the Sandhill Crane, the Yellow Warbler, and the Mallard Duck – with extraordinary footage of their fascinating behaviors. Check out this brand new, amazing-looking Orchard Core site here!

Wings over Water Orchard Core website

If you are interested in more websites using Orchard and Orchard Core, don't forget to visit Show Orchard. Show Orchard is a website for showing representative Orchard CMS (and now Orchard Core) websites all around the internet. It was started by Ryan Drew Burnett, but since he doesn't work with Orchard anymore, as announced earlier it is now maintained by our team at Lombiq Technologies.

Lombiq's Open-Source Orchard Core Extensions now with Orchard Core 1.0

Looking for some useful Orchard Core extensions? Here's a bundle solution of all of Lombiq's open-source Orchard Core extensions (modules and themes). Clone and try them out now!

This is an Orchard Core CMS Visual Studio solution that contains most of Lombiq's open-source Orchard modules and themes, as well as related utilities and libraries. And we have also updated the solution to use Orchard Core 1.0!

The modules of the Open Source Orchard Core Extensions repository

And what are these modules? Well, you will find a nice Readme.MD file for all of them.

And if you like to use code snippets, you will love that our super-useful Visual Studio code snippets of the Orchard Dojo Library are now updated to Orchard Core v1.0! Check them out here!

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