Visual Studio code snippets

You can use these code snippets to quickly generate code in some common scenarios during Orchard Core module and theme development. The snippets follow Orchard naming conventions. Check out this demo video for a quick overview of our snippets.

To effectively use this collection of VS snippets just point the Snippets Manager to where you cloned or downloaded this repository ( To do this go under Tools → Code Snippets Manager → select the C# language → Add and Add the whole folder. For Razor snippets to also work select the HTML Language and do the same. Do note that Razor snippets will only be suggested when you hit Ctrl + space first.

The snippets also automatically add the necessary namespaces.

We've taken care to place the $end$ terminating symbol to a place where one most possibly wants to follow up with coding. Thus if you exit snippets by hitting enter the cursor will be placed where you most likely want to write next.

These snippets are constantly used at Lombiq and updated according to our experiences.

General snippets

  • controller: Empty ASP.NET MVC controller class.
  • ctorinject: Constructor with an injected dependency and a corresponding private readonly field.
  • pbcon: Public constant field that returns its own name.
  • privr: Private readonly field.
  • propv: Virtual auto-implemented property.
  • servsc: Scoped service registration.

Orchard Core snippets

Orchard Core snippets are prefixed with "oc" for distinction.

  • ocadminmenu: Admin INavigationProvider implementation.
  • ocalterpartdefinition: AlterPartDefinition() call.
  • ocaltertable: AlterTable() call.
  • ocaltertablecreateindex: AlterTable() call and a CreateIndex() inside.
  • ocaltertypedefinition: AlterTypeDefinition() call.
  • ocbackgroundtask: IBackgroundTask implementation.
  • occontentmigrations: Migrations class that configures content types or content parts.
  • occreatemapindex: CreateMapIndexTable() call.
  • ocfield: Empty content field.
  • ocfielddriver: ContentFieldDisplayDriver implementation.
  • ocfielddriverfull: Full ContentFieldDisplayDriver implementation with display/edit/update methods.
  • ocfieldindexhandler: ContentFieldIndexHandler implementation.
  • ocjqueryblock: Razor script block for jQuery-using JS code.
  • ocmapindex: MapIndex and its IndexProvider.
  • ocmigrations: Simple Migrations class.
  • ocpart: Empty content part.
  • ocpartdriver: ContentPartDisplayDriver implementation.
  • ocpartdriverfull: Full ContentPartDisplayDriver implementation with display/edit/update methods.
  • ocparthandler: ContentPartHandler implementation.
  • ocpartindexhandler: ContentPartIndexHandler implementation.
  • ocpermissions: IPermissionProvider implementation
  • ocresourcemanagementoptionsconfiguration: IConfigureOptions<ResourceManagementOptions> implementation.
  • ocshapetableprovider: IShapeTableProvider implementation.
  • ocstartup: Startup class for an extension's feature.

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