This week in Orchard - 7/5/2018

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We have no Orchard podcast this week, but of course the development of Orchard continues. Orchard 1.x also gets a minor update and we have new tutorials for Orchard Core.

On Orchard 1.x

That can be useful if you have more indexes and you want to show the user which of them is shown. So, from now the index name is added to the SearchViewModel.

On Orchard Core

Last year Chris Payne from IDeliverable wrote a nice post about how to get started with Orchard Core as a NuGet package. He updated that post in May 2018 and again in June 2018 to reflect changes in the process since the original post was created.

Not so fresh news, but maybe you haven't heard about it yet: Arra Derderian, the founder of Cloud Construct wrote a blog post series about Orchard Core.

In the first post, he gives a nice overview about the project and how to install your first Orchard Core site.

The part 2 of this series is about how to build a custom theme for your application from ground.

Lastly, he wrote about how to add logging to Orchard Core by downloading the OrchardCore.Logging.NLog NuGet using the NuGet Package Manager.

Forms (OrchardCore.Forms)

Two weeks ago we already mentioned the OrchardCore.Forms module by Sipke. Now that module has an updated documentation with several tutorials, for instance you can read about hot to create a form and process form submissions. With a detailed walkthrough, Sipke shows how to implement a Contact Form with NoCaptcha and he creates a workflow for that to validate the input fields of that form.

On Lombiq

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